how can I set up instagram shopping

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I'm trying to set up instagram shopping but now I get the notification that my instagram account is not approved... how can I fix this?

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Christian Russo

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Hi Christian, 

I am no guru on this by any means, but I did experience the same thing.  It was because my IG and FB were 'new' accounts.  Before you can monetarise/sell on these platforms you do need to demonstrate a following and trust.  I needed to accumulate positive feedback, reviews and a decent number of followers (there doesnt appear to be a set number defined anywhere) and then.... wait.  Despite numerous attempts and contacts I was just told to wait.  Not much help, but thought that it might be helpful to know that its not necessarily anything your doing wrong LOL.  I went crazy trying to work out why I couldnt get it to work before I learned this.  Take care.  Jacqui. 

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Hi Christian,


In that case, your commerce account must be eligible for the following requirements. 

1) Product information listed on Facebook Commerce surfaces must not contain misleading pricing and availability information. Your refund and return policies must be clearly displayed a

nd easily accessible from your website or on Facebook or Instagram.


2) Your Facebook account and Page or Instagram professional account must have demonstrated trustworthiness, including through an authentic, established presence. This may also include maintaining a sufficient follower base.


3)  Must be located in Supported markets.


4) Your Facebook account and Page must comply with Facebook’s Terms of Service, Commercial Terms and Community Standards, and your Instagram professional account must comply with Instagram’s Terms of Use and Community Guidelines.


In addition, lack of compliance with our policies, including our Merchant Agreement, Commerce Policies, Ads Policies and Pages, Groups, and Events Policies, may result in loss of access to Facebook Commerce surfaces, and Commerce features, or may lead to your account being disabled.


As we need to follow all guidelines, eligibility criteria & policies by Facebook to appear on the Facebook platform. Once it all meets then facebook approves your shop.

You can also check the live issues on your account from Facebook business manager -> Comerece manager -> Issues. 


Once all the issues are resolved by the commerce manager & still you are facing the same issues then you might have fewer followers & less activity on Instagram. You need to pay attention to social media growth. You need to grow your accounts in terms of user engagement, followers, commenting, stories etc. 

Once your account gets the attention from users, Instagram enabled the shop section for your site. 

Hope my answer is satisfactory. If you still need any help then feel free to reach me. 


Yashi Sharma

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I actually have the same question, I have the SHOP option on one of my accounts but not in my shop Instagram account, so I'm just going to go with the first "train" when I get "started" it takes me to my personal facebook account, why? and then from there I don't see additional instructions on how to proceed. My shop is still not on facebook, would that be the cause? I am completely lost in this process.

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First, you need to check the shopping policy on Instagram to resolve the error. I m sure it helps you and provide a quick solution to start instagram shopping.

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  1. Use Commerce Manager or a supported platform to set up shop.
  2. For the Checkout Method, choose a method where the customer should complete their purchase order.
  3. In USA-based businesses, it’s recommended for the customer to Complete Checkout on Instagram itself.
  4. To choose sales channels, select the Instagram business account you want to be associated with your shop.
  5. Then the next step is to add the Products to your Shop for this it’s necessary to have Product Catalog of the products you want to use.
  6. Review your Shop and submit to Instagram for review. Once it will be approved it will be notified.
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