How can I track coupons in Google analytics?

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I have recently enabled enhanced ecommerce tracking for Google analytics on my Shopify store and when it comes to tracking of products (profits, transactions, etc.), it does work. The problem is with coupon codes tracking in:
Conversions>Ecommerce >Marketing>Order Coupon

Order coupon code field is always (not set), yet other fields (Revenue, Transactions, Avg. Order Value) have correct values. And I know for sure, that coupons were used when purchasing.


I have been following only this guide to setup enhanced tracking:


Is there something that I have forgotten to setup? I have read that GTM data layers won`t work for Shopify, because enhanced tracking settings are already set for default within Shopify.


Thank you.

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The short @marion5 is it SHOULD be tracking coupons here:

If it isn't, well, I'm not sure! Are you 100% sure people are using coupons? Their orders in Shopify will say so. Are you using any apps that may interfere with the checkout or thank you page?

If you're willing to pay for a pre-built solution, an alternative is LittleData's app:

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Hello! I'm running into a similar problem. The coupons are showing up as not set. And when it does show up, it's showing up as an order coupon rather than a product coupon as it is designated in Shopify. Any thoughts on how I can fix this?

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Read about the differences between order and product coupons. Shopify places coupons at the order level by default so it is right that they are pushed in Google Analytics into the order coupons report. 

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Thank you, Josh.

So how would I change this. I can't find this setting. The coupon is created as a coupon for a specific product. So I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.

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Yes of course 

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While tracking coupons in Google Analytics on Shopify follow the guidelines below -
1)Make sure your Google Analytics is not enabled already which can result in inaccurate data.
From your Shopify account, go to online store - Preferences.
In Google Analytics make sure you copy paste the code from Google.
After pasting your code turn on the e-commerce tracking
Click on Themes
Click actions and go to edit code. After clicking go to the layout section and click on theme.liquid.

2) Set up Google account and enable Google Analytics .
Click add account to sign in with a new Google account
Click sign up and get a tracking ID

3) Turn on e-commerce tracking - It is of two types
Basic e-commerce tracking for transaction and revenue data.
Enhanced e-commerce tracking for knowing visitors behavior.

4)In your Google Analytics account click Admin
Go to view option, click on E-commerce settings and click the Enabled Enhanced Reporting - turn it on
Lastly click save to proceed to help track coupon codes in Google Analytics.


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Thank you for your reply! All of the Google Analytics enhanced reporting has already been setup but it still isn't properly recording Shopify coupons. Any other thoughts on why this connection isn't working?