How can we address a spam report for our newsletter?

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We had someone sign up for our newsletter and then report it as SPAM. 

Is there a way for us to respond to the SPAM report and have it removed? It obviously wasn't SPAM if the customer typed their email address into our newsletter form.

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Hi @cherylfoh 


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There are several reasons why an email could landed in SPAM box:

1. You Didn’t Get Permission to Email (which is not your case - as the customer signed up).

2. You Didn’t Include Your Physical Address.

3. You Have Low Engagement Rates.

4. You Have Low Mailbox Usage.

5. Your Subject Line is Misleading.

6. Your Subscribers Don’t Remember You (they don't remember having signed up).

7. You Used Spam Trigger Words.



Regarding response to SPAM report, there's nothing you can do about it unfortunately 😞 The only way to make it not spam is your customer marking not spam on their inbox.


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