How can we boost the conversion rate for our UAE clothing brand?

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We are a clothing brand based in UAE CAS Abaya.  We are using Craft theme for now, But our conversion rate is very low. What things should we improve to increase CVR?

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Premium themes are made by designers, not ecommerce experts, and few have been tested for conversion rates. Take a look at  Looks a lot like one of the free Shopify themes, doesn't it?

Shopify spends a lot of money, time, and energy, testing the conversions of the themes they promote. I can usually get a Shopify store with a stock theme modified to look more customized converting at 12-15% on good days. 

You probably also have poor color contrasts, poot price visibility. Without knowing more about your store, product, pricing, it's difficult to say. Would you like to get on a google meet to go over some potential pain points?

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Hello Casabaya,

So far i can see in your website no PayPal payment option in check out. It's mandatory to make easy payment.


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HI there,


Often times I see stores with poor quality product photos, but NOT YOU! Excellent product photos. Maybe add some super closeup photos of the clothing to display the fabric quality.


The very first thing would be to ensure the quality of traffic visiting your store is of good quality. If you are getting anything under 50 visitors a day it'll be hard to identify where customers are dropping off. How many visitors are you getting in a day?


Also, I think your descriptions could use some work. I launched Crowly some weeks ago to help merchants like you automate conversion rate optimization.


In basic terms it auto-generates descriptions and/or pricing and continuously tests the best performer against new ones. As traffic comes in, the app will find the ideal pricing and descriptions for each of your products

Alternatively, If you prefer a more hands-on approach, you can handpick descriptions and pricing to test (generic A/B testing).


The app has a free plan + I'd really love some feedback as well 😀


If you like it, i'd be happy to send you an app credit so you can test out the Plus plan.


All the best,


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