How COVID-19 AKA Corona virus affects watch manufacturing in CHINA?

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This thing is no joke, and it will probably continue to bring impacts globally the next few months. As a company locates in Guangzhou, South China, here, we like to give you some insights of how China dealt with the virus in the past 50+days and how things go at the moment based on the following time-frame.


18th January, 20202-22nd January, 20202

Less than a week before CNY (Chinese New Year), everyone was off for preparing and celebrating our biggest holidays among whole year, and that was when the things about COVID-19 started exploding.


25th January, 2020

The first day of Chinese New Year, over 90% of us started taking the COVID-19 seriously. No party, no celebration, no gathering, no meeting friends…it was a scene that we never experienced before in such an importance transitional holidays. Everyone stayed at home being self-isolated.


1st February, 2020-23rd February, 2020

The extension of holidays. A holidays which takes 10-14 days was extended 2 times and the whole counties kept being self-isolated.

1st March, 2020-7th March, 2020

It was the time that most of companies started returning back. (The exact returning date was different from cities due to the plans from local authorities. )


21st February, 2020- Now

Back on the topic, how the virus affects us currently in terms of watch manufacturing?

Positive side, we are fully returned and starting moving orders, production run etc., sure there is down sides remaining. First, the prices for supplying raw materials such as movements are unstable even within a week, second, you will expect longer timeline for moving things in the near future.

It’s still a tough moment for us globally and hope we can all get through quickly. For more questions regarding launching your watch from designs to mass – manufacturing, leave us a message and we are right here for you!


Get your hand washed and stay tuned.


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