How did you boost sales for your new jewelry brand?

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I was not feeling happy with my 9-5 and last April I finally quit my toxic job. I started this jewelry brand. I am a bit anxious about the sales at the moment as Im not getting steady sales but I also understand I just started up and I need more time for the business to grow... I was wondering if there are also people like me? What is your situation like? What are the effective ways for getting traffic and conversions? Lets chat!

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It takes a lot of patience and time to start earning from an online store. The beginnings are very challenging. Send me a link to your store, and I'll take a look and provide feedback. I've had several stores myself, but I eventually gave up on this business.




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  1. Grow Using Affiliate Marketing.
  2. Establish your Target Audience.
  3. Encourage Repeat Business.
  4. Offer Complementary Products.
  5. Offer Upsells and Cross-Sells.
  6. Market to All Stages of the Funnel.
  7. Work with Influencers.
  8. Ship Globally.

You can take only one or a couple, but within the time you should do all of these!



And if you're very tired, learn to rest instead of quitting!


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