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How did you get into marketing and what's been your best learning resource?

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Hi all, 


Am new here and have just started getting into marketing. I've been running my own business to fair profitability for a while and have been trying to integrate more traditional marketing strategies - in the midst of my current attempts, I thought it would be interesting to ask: 

What got you into marketing, and what's been your best learning resource? 

Not only is it always intriguing to hear all the unique stories about how people got into this business, but I also find the collective sharing and pooling together of knowledge to be imperative to our individual successes, hence I ask the latter.  

In my case, I was drawn into this business as per inspiration from my father, who, when I was a child, always went on about how internet marketing was on the move in the world and could be my very real future. 

In terms of my best learning resource, that really kickstarted my business to profitability (even when I had nothing to invest) it would be this free mini eBook on how to make big money sustainably via E-Mail marketing. It showed me truly, for the first time, how lots of money can be made from the internet just by working a bit smarter than the rest and in a very short space of time. To me, originally, it looked a bit spammy, but my god am I glad I picked it up – it's amazing how only a short, free eBook can trigger a paradigm shift in your thinking and for me, my whole life and financial future. 

I'm not promoting this in any way, so if you wanted to pick this free eBook up, I think you still can do from here – as I said, it looks annoying and you have to opt-in, but it really is worth it: 


Anyway, that's my knowledge shared for the day – looking forward to hearing what you can share in this thread! 

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