How do I advertise specific products rather than my whole store (Google)

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IM just wondering if it is possible to advertise a specific amount of products on the Shopify Google App rather than all my products.

Id like to advertise a smaller amount rather than my budget using up advertising on less saleable items


ANy help is appreciated thanks


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That's really easy to do, if you manage the ads from the Google Ads interface, simply pick the products you want to advertise manually.

You can do so based on product name (or ID), category, type and several other factors.

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Many thanks Marco. Do you mean via the Google Ads website? Is there a way to do it via the Google app on Shopify? I cant really seem to find it.


Do I deactivate google on the product itself?

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I always recommend to run Google Ads straight from their self-serve platform. You can find it at

Doing it from Shopify is like the highly simplified "lite" version. However, since you have competition in any niche and many other businesses running ads, that way doesn't do the trick oftentimes.

Running ads through the Google Ads platform allows for a LOT more features, control, optimization and granularity. I'm not 100% sure if you can pick specific products from within Shopify, but you certainly can on the Google Ads platform itself.

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Dear @scottyccfc 

Use Google Shopping

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Hi, Using Google AdWords to advertise your business on a specific website only works if that website is running Google AdSense adblocks. If you see advertisements on the site that say "ads by Google" then you will be able to place a site targeted ad there through the AdWords program.

  1. Sign in to your Google Ads account.
  2. In the page menu along the left, click Campaigns.
  3. Click the plus button , then click New campaign.
  4. For "Campaign type," select Shopping and click Next.
  5. Choose your advertising preferences
  6. Click Save and continue.
  7. Next choose what kind of ad group you want to create
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Hi @scottyccfc,

From my experience, your issue will easily solve when using affiliate marketing.  If you are just starting with your business, I don't recommend you to use Fb ads or IG ads. The reason is that you might cost a lost of money to run for long term. In some specific case, if it don't bring positive traffics for you, you also need to pay fee to maintain them. We know it because we know many customers get same issues. 

My recommendation is that you should think about another safer and suitable methods for your business. Affiliate marketing could be a good option for your.  Affiliate marketing is a marketing model which helps to grow your business faster and stably. This marketing campaign allows you to connect with various affiliates, and then they will use their advertising sources such as social media channels, websites, blogs, etc, to promote your products. You only need to pay affiliate commission whenever a customer makes a purchase via the unique link or coupon associated with their recommendation.

Regarding your issue, you can set special product commission for your affiliates. The Special product commission function allows merchant to set a special commission rule for each specific product or for all items in a collection. When an affiliate refers someone to purchase a product with a special commission rate, he/she would get the commission based on the special rate instead of the regular program's commission rate.

This feature is useful for products with higher/lower price or higher/lower profit margin. Merchant can also make use of it for products they want to drive sales by offering a higher commission rate to affiliates.


Good luck with your business!



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Hi Scot

It is possible to advertise specific products. As you can see, the creation of Google Shopping campaigns is not as easy as the creation of other campaigns. So, let me introduce you to our app Google Ads & Google Shopping for Shopify stores.

Our app is not only able to create traditional campaigns such as Search or Display, but it also creates banners, optimizes, automate your campaigns, and is able to create Google Shopping campaigns with the specific products you choose.