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How do I get people to sign up for my news letter?

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I get over 300 visitors daily but I rarely get subscribers to the emails. Any tips on how to increase this?

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Shopify Staff (Retired)
Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Newsletters are a great way to market, but getting customers to subscribe isn't always easy. I took a look at your store and there are a few ways I think you could increase subscribers:

1) Put a notice on the top of the site under the nagivation about the newsletter. This can be done under Customize Theme in the Header section, under Featured Content

2) In your Pop up offer a discount code for customers that sign up

3) Inform customers that they will be notified of sales or similar things first if they sign up

All of these either remind the customer of the newsletter again, or add incentive 🙂 

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Hi James, 

Breann has some good points. I may also add : only ask for the email in the pop-up, so it takes less time for subscribers to sing up. Also, I had a lot of success on my site using free digital products (especially our star wars icons). When they download, they need to sign up (accounts are mandatory), and the "I agree to receive promotional emails" is checked. IWith this strategy, our mailing list is growing every week.

So if you could find a digital product to send (special catalogue, upcoming collection...), it could work. Shopify has a free app to add digital products to any store and it works great.

Keep up the good work!


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This is one of those things that if you get it right, it can dynamically change the evolution of your business.

The simple answer is to create what I call a lead magnet. A lead magnet is VERY different from a newsletter. Let me ask you a question, "How many newsletters are you stoked to get? Do you really need another newsletter in your email inbox?" My guess is you are already getting way more email than you really want every single day and your customer/visitor doesn't care about your newsletter. What in it for them?

So, give them a reason to sign up. Something that will attract them. Think of it as an "ethical bribe" to join your email list (yes, even though it may be technically a newsletter). 

I took a look at your site and some things that came to mind-

  • Like Breann mentioned above, a coupon code is probably the easiest place to start. "Sign up to get 20% off your first order"
  • Product giveaways. "Sign up to be entered into a drawing to win a $500 shopping spree"
  • Guides. "7 ways to make sure you always order the correct size when buying shoes online"

Ultimately it comes down to 2 things. What percentage of visitors are signing up (op-in rate)? And what percentage of those sign ups end up buying (lead to conversion rate)? You can't just assume that because you got them on your list that they will buy. Sometimes your greatest opt-in rate does not equal your greatest conversion rate. So you will need to test different lead magnets and track the results.

Bottom line is you must give them a reason to get on your email list. Put yourself in their shoes. What would make you give up your email address? Are you searching around the internet looking for newsletters to subscribe to? Neither are they. 😉

Hope that helps. Let me know if I can be of further assitance. Cheers.

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These are all great tips. However, are there any tips specificially for a business that hasn't launched yet? We're looking to build our audience up by offering a free fashion guide, but we're having trouble getting people to sign up. 

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The strategy is the same regardless of your business status. If a "fashion guide" isn't getting them to sign up then it's not a big enough "bribe" to get them to part with their email address. Now that doesn't mean that it's a bad guide, it may just mean that you haven't presented in a way where they can see the tangable value that it provides. How many people (in your target market) are really interested in wearing their PJs in public? I don't know your market but my gut says not many. Instead maybe a guide on how to make "cozy" PJ's sexy to your man? Just an idea. 😉

The advice is the same. What type of content or bribe is going to attrach your ideal customer? To that extenet, do you know who your ideal propect is? Something else to think about. 


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Thank you for your advice. I think you're right and I might need to change my angle. Thank you very much. 

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Hi Saxony,

let me unhide a big advice which will lead you a tons of subscribers.

Story is the following: You will give away every week on sunday a small gift between the subscribers.  (you can change the day ofc) BUT! and here is the point: You will not send it out through MAIL. So you will pick 1 subscriber from your list, put it to your website, and if the subscriber will not contact you on that day, he/she will miss the gift!


what will you get? A fix amount (raising) of page visitors, and a lot of subscribers almost for free 🙂 you can give away 1-2 $ of gift. As you know my best word is FREE! as almost for everbody. 


hope it helps 🙂

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I found that after adding a pop up asking visitor to sign up the newsletter and offering coupon, the number of sign up increase.

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Hi all

I have also found this really hard and there is some really good advice above. But easily the most successful way I've found to add subscribers is during the checkout process. We really a really good strike rate during this but it also means that you are getting subscribers who are genuinely interested in your products.

Can I just check that everyone else is using Mailchimp? Or is there a better platform that plugs into Shopify?

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Pop up window with newsletter notification and some discount for signing to it is probably best way to rise your database in a very short time.

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Is there a way to automate the sending of a free digital download when someone signs up for your newsletter? An autoresponder with a link to a free download? I am using the free shopify Digital Downloads App - how do I create a product (digital download) that is free and only subscribers have access to? Thanks!