How do I make my Shopify Store Pinterest friendly?

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After reading that Pinterest is the second largest driver of traffic to Shopify I would really like to maximise it's potential on my Shopify Store. However I've been struggling to find information on this on Shopify Help, and have discovered there are no apps to help me since Pinterest Buyable Pins and Sales Channel were discontinued.


I would like to encourage visitors to my Shopify Store to pin my products and I would like these to automatically include descriptions which will make the pin searchable on Pinterest.  


1- How can I add a Pinterest Save Button to the Collections Page?

(I'm using the theme Vantage, and it only includes buttons on the product page, and the 'pin hover button' code I tried to embed didn't work) 

2- How can I enable Rich Pins (or 'Product Pins') to be created from my Shopify Store?

(e.g. to include the product name, price, and description)

3- Is there anything else I should do to integrate Shopify with Pinterest?


Would love your advice!

Thank you!

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Whatever you do don't pay to advertise on Pinterest. If you read up about the company, all marketing experts believe it's  overvalued and about to implode. It's like Wework.

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Thanks for the comment Ben, interested to hear this as I've only heard good things about marketing on Pinterest. A reoccurring message is that their users are more in the frame of mind to make a purchase than users on other social media channels. Will definitely take your word of caution when it comes to paid advertising though. Do you have any articles you could share?



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Pinterest is nothing like WeWork. Beyond being in different businesses, Pinterest has not been spending tons of money trying to grow at all costs. Scott G who called out WeWork for being a bad business has said the same of Pinterest and a dozen other company's.


Being overvalued is not the same as losing 80% of a company's value like WeWork has. Pinterest does not have the spending record of a lot of those other brands in the tweet. The public market will be the one to tell us if they are overvalued. This company is not going to implode. That is a bad hot take from one tweet. 


We advertise on Pinterest for clients and have seen success with the platform. We use Feedonomics to connect our Shopify clients to Pinterest. 

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Don't listen to Ben, he is running around and trolling Pinterest related forum posts. He has no idea what he is talking about. He sounds like a stockbroker trying to short a stock.


We have a Pinterest account with 3 million monthly viewers and do 90% of our sales through Pinterest. Unfortunately, you can't get the Pinterest sales channel anymore, which more people should be upset about because as someone else pointed out why is Shopify losing functionality rather than gaining.


For anyone looking for ideas on what to do without the sales channel, try Tailwind to help automate/reuse your posts, check out PinPinterest for additional functions like follow/unfollow, these are both off-page solutions but they can be really effective, see for an example of how far that can take you.