How do I promote my store from the start?

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Hey! So I just started 2 different stores on Shopify and was wondering if anyone has any tips on how to start marketing and getting more sales? I have some ideas already such as using social media and other ways of advertising, but what would you suggest is the best? What worked well for you? Thanks!



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SMM is good to go. Just make sure your store is fully functional.

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Hi @ariacampbell

Very glad to hear from you question. I hope my answer can help you out or at least give you some inspiration.


Find your target customers

Let’s say you’ve already got a product and just want to sell it, which also means you don’t have the problem of select the product. Find who you target customers are and create the content that can effectively attract them. For example, if you are selling things related to kid clothes, their parents or even their mom would be the main target customers, although it is the clothes that need to be wear by children. So, in this case, when you promote your online store, you probably would use some bright colour like light pink or orange, also show your customer the picture that the baby is wearing your clothes to present the products.


Promote your store

After knowing who your customers are. Customer acquisition is another issue. It directly related to the success of a store. Nobody will buy your stuff if no one knows about your business or your products. What you need to do is to promote the store so that more people can see it. You can write blogs, post in the community, post your product introductions on Facebook, and post your videos on TikTok. In a word: find where your customers are and post your content there. It would be a long and boring journey, trust me. At first you don’t even see the change of the sales, but with the cumulation of fans and friends in your social media account, you’ll get your traffic eventually.


Facilitate the first sale

The user conversion of e-commerce websites is the behaviour of buying products. Discounts for the first order can be given to encourage users to complete the first order transaction. A time limited coupon can give customers sense of urgency and give them motivation to quickly place an order.


Leave their email

It’s not easy to persuade someone to buy your product, but it’s not hard for you to make them become your potential customers. Use some extent of the discount or coupon, mostly, a pop-up window to promote your product and give your customers the opportunity to leave their email.


Form conversion

Continue to send some information through emails to customers who have already been activated until the customers form conversions.


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Hi @ariacampbell 


Congratulations on your new store. Here are some inputs from my end that might help you market it to your target audience.


1. Since you have some idea about social media marketing, you can start with any social media channel, like Facebook or TikTok. This might get you some followers and conversions.

2. You can also create a merchant center for Google and upload your products manually or use any app to make your products available for Google Shopping.

3. You can also advertise your products on various marketplaces such as amazon or Etsy and get decent conversions from there.


Please let us know if you need help with any of these channels.


Hope this helps.

Sampy Mishra | Customer Success Manager @ AdNabu

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