How do I stop SEO offers from flooding my new website's inbox?

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hello. since my day one i launched my website, 10s of people contacting me daily through my website, claiming they can help me with seo, driving traffic, etc. it is getting annoying. does anyone know how they know i am a new website or how can i stop this? thanks

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I also get dozens of these emails per week. Unfortunately, there's not really any way to stop them. 


They're essentially just crawling sites automatically, searching for emails or contact forms, and then running bots/scripts to bulk email everyone that they find. Super annoying, but all you can do is block the email addresses, move them to spam, and continue with your day. 

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I want to know this too. They are driving me insane!!!! Not just email but Fb, IM messenger!! 

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Yes there's not really any way to stop this other than marking them as spam in your inbox. You can try using something like Mimecast which will likely filter out more of the spam and phishing, but even then it's hard to stop.

That said Gmail are tightening up their spam settings, making it harder for spammers. They're making everyone people add DMARC records to their DNS settings, which helps protect domain reputation.

If you haven't added DMARC, you might want to take a look on Google about it.


Rob Benson-May
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I have done the DMARC step. The problem is mostly through Meta’s FB and IG Messenger, though. I’ll keep blocking.