How do I track referrals from mobile app?

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I'm new to the Shopify ecosystem, so this is probably a basic question, but I haven't been able to find a clear answer so far in the documentation I'm reading.... How do I track referrals to my Shopify site from a mobile app that is being developed in-house? The app is not another point-of-sale; I just want to provide links from my app into my Shopify storefront, but then later be able to track how much traffic / sales were generated with the mobile app as a referral source. I can see that the appropriate reports are already available (Acquisition reportsSales by traffic referrer), and I understand the concept of Referrers and interactions. But I'm getting a little lost understanding what I need to do to generate a link from within the app to the storefront that is trackable in that way. (As opposed to a link from another website.)


Buy buttons, Cart permalinks, and Shopcodes all seem somewhat relevant, but not quite right. Is there a simple way to craft a URL so that it gets categorized correctly in the relevant reports, something like


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GA4 can help you track the mobile app.

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