How do I verify my domain in Facebook for ads?

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I dont know how to verifying domain in Facebook

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Hi, @Szasza!

Thanks for reaching out in our Community forums and sharing your concern. I’m happy to help out.


From my understanding, it sounds like you are in the middle of setting up your Facebook sales channel and need some assistance with verifying your domain. This is a very important step as it lets you control and manage how and where links to your domain are used, and can help get your store approved by Facebook faster. For more context on which domains are verifiable, check out our guide on Verifying your domain with the Facebook channel to learn more. 


Then, you can check out the three methods to verify your domain on the Meta Business Help Center. From experience, the easiest method would be to add a DNS TXT entry to your DNS record to confirm ownership of your domain, but the option is completely yours. 


If you have any other questions, feel free to follow up and let me know! Additionally, I'm always looking to help out merchants with ideas or feedback related to their stores. How are you planning to take advantage of this new sales channel? 

Mac | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Hi @Szasza,

While setting up the Facebook channel for your store, domain verification is required to prove that you own the website. And this step is mandatory to control the editing privileges of your links and other content to prevent misuse of your domain.


Before you begin keep in mind that you must have a Facebook Business Manager, only an admin of the Business Manager can verify a domain and you must have admin or developer access to your domain.


Firstly, Go to Business Settings > Brand Safety > Domains > Click "Add" and add your website URL like (Without https or www)

To verify your domain you can follow any of the three-domain verification methods listed below.

1. Add a meta tag to your website's <head> section
For this method of domain verification, copy the meta-tag provided by Facebook and paste it into your website's Home page in between the <head>.....</head> section and save the changes. To make sure the meta tag is inserted, go to your website Home page, and view the HTML source (View page source) and confirm that the meta-tag is there.
2. Upload an HTML file to your root directory
You can see an HTML verification file that’s linked on your Business Manager screen. Download it and upload the HTML file to the root directory of your domain. Go back to the Business Manager, and confirm that you can see the verification code on your website.
3. Add a DNS TXT entry to your DNS record
For this method, go to your domain registrar (Example: Amazon, GoDaddy) and log in. Go to the DNS records section. Copy the TXT record from the Facebook Business Manager screen and add the TXT record to your DNS configuration by following the instructions from your domain registrar.


After you do any of the above-mentioned methods, Click Verify Domain on your Business Manager screen.


You can check Facebbok documentation  for more information

Hope this helps.

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Those are good solutions.  However, if you are interested in having your customers share your products on Facebook to hundreds of their followers, let me know.

D. Luke Brandley, CMO
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Hi again, @Szasza!


I hope your day is going well. I just wanted to check in with you to ensure that you receive the support you may need regarding verifying your domain. Were you able to look at the suggestions in this thread, and if so, did they solve the issue? 


Talk soon! 

Mac | Social Care @ Shopify 
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