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How do static sites rank high in google?

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I am about to improve my site SEO wise and otherwise.

One question: there are completely outdated sites, which are never updated and I know that their owners are not on social media, they don't have a blog either. Now they are still in page #1 in google. What do they right what I do wrong?

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Hi Dandelion, 

These "outdated" sites have been around a long time, and never got pinged by Google back in 2012-2014.. They have massive trust within Google and will have strong authoritative links pointing to them. A blog is utterly useless unless you understand how to actually use a blog effectively to drive organic traffic - if that is your intent for it. 

But these sites can also be beaten, you just need to strategies and execute on a strong SEO campaign, which depending on the competiton can take anything from 6 - 18 months. 



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That means you are not such a fan of blogs? Yes some of the sites are more than 20 years old. Were they built with a strong SEO or is it simply the age? If my site is say two years old would I rank higher?

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Hello Dandelion,

As Alasdair said, "you just need to strategies and execute on a strong SEO campaign, which depending on the competiton can take anything from 6 - 18 months."

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The think is that many of my products are not very competitive. If I sell say 'coltsfoot plant' then there are 3 offers in Australia and if I sell 'Tibetan gentian' then it is only me. I list regualrly new products (as soon as the plants are a sellable size). The problem is that sometimes even I am the only one selling that plant it does not show up in the first google page. With some plants I come #1 and I don't know why.

At the moment I am improving bit by bit my product (plant) decriptions - or at least what I think is improving: h1 header, mention of the plant name more often, more 'salesy' text.

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Some of those old static pages have been around a long time. They may be in non-competitive markets or they have had authority links to them because they started so long ago.

Remember that age of content is also a consideration from Google in terms of SEO. There is authority in things that have been around a long time and if its something that is "evergreen" the content may still be relevant even if it's "old". Google maybe have determined that they provide the details for users who click on them for those keywords. It doesn't have to be recent or pretty to be useful.

If its a keyword you are interested in however you need to work on how to be a better authority for this keyword than they are. Work on writing better content. Work on building better, higher quality links.

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