How do you add a pop up to collect email that integrates directly to shopify

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Hi, we have just started using Shopify email for our email marketing (previously Mailchimp). We previously used Mailchimp pop up for our email acquisition on our home page. Just wondering is there an app that can acquire emails through pop up (with incentive) and integrates the new emails directly into shopify.

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Yes, you can use Klaviyo, and It works perfectly with Shopify. You can create a Pop-up and set up email automation flowsnwhich willtrigger to those who signed up as well.

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Getsitecontrol lets you add email signup popups to your store and deliver incentive either right away (after a customer fills out the form) or via a follow-up email.

Here is how it looks:




And here is how it works.
The app also integrates with Shopify customers, so you can assign tags and segment your list. Feel free to DM me if you have any questions or are looking for email list building tips!


Giorgia from Getsitecontrol

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Hi! You could check out Shopify Forms.

It's free, by Shopify, and integrates well with Shopify Email and Shopify Marketing Automations.


Hope that helps!


To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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Any form that adds new subscribers as Shopify Customers that accept marketing would achieve this for you.


One free example is the Shopify Forms app (made by Shopify). I'd recommend starting with that, and if you need more advanced functionality, you could also switch to a more advanced email capture app.

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