How do you centralize customer communication through all stages of ordering?

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Hello. I have a question that concerns communication with customers at all stages of the ordering process - Q&A shipping. I would like the entire history of communication with the client to be concentrated in one place. So that I can see the entire chronology, I can see questions and answers to the client in the process of processing and shipping the order. Shopify does not give me such an opportunity. So I'm torn between the Shopify panel, e-mails, omnisend.
Can you give me an advice? How did you organize centralized communication with customers?

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Hi @Museum-Shop 


All-in-one marketing platform Growave is here. Consider testing email & marketing automation apps. Most of such platforms (Omnisend, Mailchimp) offer free plans or free trial periods, so you can test the app whether it works for you. 

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