How do you merchandise your collections?

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Hi, guys! So, I work for a sports & fitness equipment store, and we'll sell our own brands and other popular brands as well.

One of my time consuming tasks is merchandising the collections, in the commercial aspect.

I reckon that every business will be different, but do you have a formula or guidelines that help you merchandise your collections more efficiently?


The criteria I normally use is:

  1. Sort by best seller and then prioritize products in the following order:
  2. Products from our own brands that are on sale;
  3. Prioritize Products from other vendors that are on sale;
  4. Products from our own brands not on sale;
  5. Products from other vendors not on sale.


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Hello leocesario!

  • Best selling
  • Product name A-Z and Z-A
  • Price high-low and low-high
  • Newest and oldest

You can merchandise your collection by the following if you need in depth customize consultation

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Hi @leocesario 

Aside from what you listed out, I have some practical tactics that you should consider: 

  1. Homepage merchandising: The easiest way is to optimize your homepage banners. Website banners are a good place to show the current offers and highlight products (usually Best Sellers or New Arrivals). 
  2. Product pages: With useful content and alluring images, the product page can turn visitors into buyers in an instant.
  3. Search result page: You can use customized suggestions in terms of keywords, collections, products, and pages to navigate searchers to the products you want to upsell.
  4. Slow sellers: These can be left-overs from last season or out-of-fashion designs. Due to its slow to no sales, this product group should be placed further down on any website page or only appear in a discount collection.


If you find it useful and you are interested in online merchandising, I've very detailed articles here

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