How do you use Shopify blogs & articles

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Hello Everyone,

As you know blog traffic can be great revenue stream for ecommerce website. It makes possible to reach your audience with organic searches and make possible long-term growth.

I'm doing a research to share best practices for a Shopify user how to use blog's in order to drive more sales. When I looked at most of stores didn't publish any blog post at all. This surprised me.

What do you think about blogging on Shopify? Do you use Shopify blog? How do you find and create content for blog? 

Thanks for all of your answers.

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Hi @mtufekyapan1

We use Shopify blog posts and articles for more than a year now and we can say it's a pretty good CMS - we have been enjoying a growing organic traffic with around 15K users per month.(with serious investment in SEO and content production though) - but overall, I'd say one should use Shopify blogs and articles to drive organic traffic and convert these people to sales. 

To create content for our own blog post, I use a wide variety of keyword research tools: 

  • Aliexpress
  • Answerthepublic
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Ahrefs

Then we write blog posts with relevant targetted keywords - and we link these blog posts to relevant money pages. For example, we have various blog posts about Product pages, Collection pages, etc - then we link all of these posts to a single money page. 

That's pretty much it. 

Let me know if you find my answer helpful, with a like or thumb-up 😄 



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Great question!

Creating quality blog posts demand a lot of resources and benefits are not always shown immediately. That said, I still see a lot of sellers using blog creatively to create evergreen content like recipes, tutorials, lookbook, power customer interviews etc. I observed this from my app Blog Posts Articles Filter PRO which sellers use to setup dropdown filters so customer can easily discover blog posts relevant to them.

From what I see, any sellers who are focused on building their business and brand in long term would eventually land on building out their blog content, as it helps them differentiate and showcase their industry knowledge. Even if your industry isn't suitable for any kind of recipes or tutorial kind of blog, I think doing customers interview could be a good way to show how everyone uses your product differently, and is a good way to engage customers and turn into a community.

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