How do you utilize email marketing for better conversion rates?

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What email marketing do you use to help you convert your email subscriber list? I am slightly confused in how best to tackle this.


I have three different tranches which would be:


'Abandoned Cart'


'Already Purchased'


'Only solely subscribed'



It is more a seasonal spring/summer store, so technically gearing up again. 


I have heard Klaviyo is quite good?

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Shopify Email and Klaviyo are two of the common options.


If you're new to email marketing, Shopify Email is simpler and cheaper (10,000 free emails sends per month). Klaviyo is more expensive but also has more features to drive more revenue. I wrote an overview here of how to choose, but TL;DR, if you're new to email marketing, start with Shopify Email and upgrade to Klaviyo when you're ready.


The most important thing is to set up your key automated emails, then you can grow into doing a newsletter (first monthly, then biweekly, and maybe even weekly if you can). But in terms of driving revenue, the most valuable emails are:

  1. Abandoned Cart email, worth ~$3.60 on average per recipient
  2. Welcome Email flow, worth ~$2.54 on average per recipient
  3. Browse Abandonment flow, worth ~$1.01 on average per recipient

Then post-purchase emails and email campaigns are worth less but still add to your overall email marketing revenue opportunity.


I'd recommend starting with Shopify Email, but reading Klaviyo's content since they have some great stuff for beginners. Then switch to Klaviyo when you're ready to upgrade since they're just built to help drive more revenue via email marketing once you have a funnel, process, etc.

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We use Seguno Email and Seguno Popups on our store


You can have cool automations, like lapsed purchasers, repeat purchasers, first time purchasers.


Recently we also started using customer tags for various signup forms - so that we can target customers better depending on where they came from.


We also do email blasts twice a month with various levels of discount.


For better discounts - sales double through the sale period (few days).

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Hi @ellgeorgy 

This is Richard from PageFly - Landing Page Builder App. I’d like to provide my feedback for the email workflow:


1. Welcome Emails
Welcome emails are simple messages that introduce your store and brand. They’re best to send immediately or shortly after a contact subscribes to your list or makes their first purchase.


2. Cart/Product Abandonment
If you have the contact’s information before they leave, or even if it’s gained throughout the checkout process, you can message them with a reminder about what they’ve left behind. Cart and product abandonment messages usually trigger in stages, beginning with a gentle reminder and followed with subsequent messages that might include an incentive to purchase.


3. Post-Purchase Emails
These can be set up to trigger at any time after a successful purchase, such as a few days or even a month.

Post-purchase messages can include an array of different emails with specific purposes, such as requesting feedback or giving product recommendations.


4. Birthday Emails
Birthday emails are personalized messages, and therefore help build brand loyalty. Add an incentive like a unique offer to encourage another purchase..


5. Transactional Emails
They’re not very exciting, but transactional emails are essential. Without them, your store doesn’t seem trustworthy. For example, if a customer makes a purchase but isn’t sent a confirmation email, they’ll likely question whether their order was even made.

These transactional messages include order confirmations, shipping confirmations, and cancellation confirmations.


I think you can try Omnisend, Klaviyo or Seguno.


I hope my suggestion will be helpful to you.


Warm regards,

Richard | PageFly

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