How does abandoned cart automation work for non-logged in subscribers?

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I have enabled abandoned cart, abandoned checkout, welcome subscriber automations in Shopify.

But recently I noticed that my abandoned cart automation is not working properly. It works when I am logged in but not when I abandon the cart without login.


I just wanted to know the flow of the process. If the customer has subscribed before but they are not logged in to the website and they add products to the cart and then abandon the website, in that case will the abandoned cart email sent?


Which are the scenarios to trigger abandon cart / checkout emails?


Are those emails triggered if the customer is not logged in and only subscribed?


Thanks in advance!


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If the customer is not logged in, Shopify does not know what email to send it to. So none is sent.

This is why most ecommerce stores prefer Klaviyo: Klaviyo automations will try to match the customer profile to an email, and if the match seems confirmed, will still send. On average, my Klaviyo flows send about 30% more emails than Shopify's.

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Thanks for your reply! 

How will Shopify email the subscribed customers who do not have the account but have subscribed to our newsletters?