How does the abandoned cart email work without customer subscription?

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Perhaps I am missing something, but I can't see what I am.


How does one expect the abandon cart email to send via the out of the box Shopify automated workflow (pic below), when the marketing email needs the customer to subscribe to marketing emails? Seems like the cart is being put before the horse as would the customer not first have to have subscribed to the marketing email, which probably is not done at this stage as they have not completed a checkout, unless a repeat customer who has previously subscribed. Any help most appreciated, sharing your success in making this send emails a bonus!




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This seems okay but we're missing something here for sure. I Hope the Shopify expert will see this thread and provide a solution soon.

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Hi Bill,

I am developing a solution for someone like you. Usually, you do not have access to send emails to customers who are not subscribed by Shopify Inbox. However, I suggest trying Robosell, which simplifies cart abandonment with just a click.

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