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How fast should i be getting sales?

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Just wondering how long it took everyone to make their first sale. It looks like people are interested and even say they really like the idea. We have page views, not heaps, but still. We also use facebook, twitter, pinterest and Instagram. We're Connected to Google analytics, and have subscribed to SEO app. How fast show my sales start to come in? Anyone have advice?

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IN A FEW HOURS, from my experience, but only if you have put effort into driving traffic to your store. Let's say you expect 2% conversion from traffic to purchase, so for 2 sales you must have driven 100 ppl to your store. Find conversion rates for your industry, and also send the "correct" traffic.

I have worked with launching products, this means making the landing page live, sending an email to a lead gen list of some thousand people, posting on social media, and running ads.

Within a few hours of running ads we start getting sales. What really works is if the product has a lot of credibility, if you are a believable product or company, like one time we were selling an watch band for apple watches, so the look was all apple-esque. This itself created trust. We already had testimonials from past users. We also got PR at the time of launch for some of the products but not always.

Your ads' targeting has to be spot on for you to expect sales, and conversions to actually happen.

You can't wait for SEO to act as that is a long term process.

Once you make your shop, you HAVE TO drive people to it, and the correct people to it. 

Some problems on your site - Instagram icon is not leading to Instagram, same for twitter. I don't see any fb icon at all.

One way to drive fans and followers to your site, and convert to customers is to use OrangeTwig. This will create social media posts for you and share on all channels. Looks like you are not posting on Pinterest. OrangeTwig will share your posts there too and help in you getting discovered. It will create layouts as shown below. All the best!


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