How I can convert cold traffic to warm traffic?

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Hello community, I am new in this world of ecommerce. I have a few questions.

How I can target the right audience if a dont have warm traffic, I have a ebook that I want to use to have emails of the customers but I made an ad and nobody download the ebook, I know that is because I dont target the right audience.

I was thinking in made a video ad and show the ebook to the people that saw 75% and 95% of the video and create a lookalike. 

What do you think of this strategic that I have in my mind

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Hey, Jose!

My name is Dallas, I'm from the Social Care Team here at Shopify!

A great thing to increase the temperature of the traffic on your store would be to run some ads. This is going to bring awareness to your store and pull people in. Facebook ads and Google ads are quite useful to increase customer traffic and target the people that would come to your store. When you will create the ads you will have to target your audience (which is exactly what you are trying to do for your e-book)so you will want to take a moment to think of who you are trying to sell to. There are four main targeting point: Age, Gender, Interest, and Location. Well, you are selling accessories so the interest would be fashion. Since you are selling accessories to men, you will want to target your ads to males. After that, you will want to take a look at what ages would be most likely to wear your products. 

Lastly, you will need to determine the best location to target. Google trends is a really good system for this. You can put in the product that you want to learn about then find out where it is most popular and just how popular it really is. From this search that I did, I see that Australia and the USA are the most popular for men's accessories. From there you would just want to narrow down your search to find out where the customers will be more into making a purchase. 

In these ads, you will be creating engagement campaigns to targeting the right cold customers to hopefully change them into warm customers. To bring them in closer and hopefully get them to make a sale you will want to give them some information that they can use and something that will captivate them. The idea of the video is definitely a good thing to look into creating. This article will give some more insight on the different types of Facebook ads and can help you decide what ones are best for you.

These ads will bring the right customers to your site. From there you can try and get your customers to sign up for your e-book since they will be a more targeted customer audience. You have set the subscription pop up come up right when a customer enters your store. I suggest you let your customers have a bit of time to take a look at your site and then have it pop up. Capture them with your products and what you sell, then give them the option of the e-book to give ideas on how to use these products. 

This document on Defining your Audience should help even more when trying to try and target to the right audience.

I hope that's helped! Please feel free to let me know, and you can always give us a call or start a live chat at any time. We're open 24/7 for your convenience and always happy to assist!


Dallas | Social Care @ Shopify
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Yes, I've seen many have-traffic-no-sales threads here. Many store owners just spend the ad dollar but the traffics they get is simply not relevant to their stores.

That's why it can't convert visitors to customers. 

I think your strategy is correct with a video. You can also consider offering a free sample like Amazon Kindle. People are more likely to buy after they have a glimpse of what it's like. I am also the same. 

p.s I am working on an ad conversion product called It can help users build a custom audience before spending ad. Feel free to ping me and I can offer you a free trial.