How I can do Ecommerce Marketing With Shopify?

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Please guide me here if anyone knows about this. I want to know about this immediately. Thanks waiting for better response here. 

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Welcome to the Shopify Community! Glad to hear you're looking at how to start marketing your Shopify store. Do you already have a Shopify store up and running, and are just looking for ways to drive traffic and increase sales on your store? 

If yes, I'd be happy to share some great resources we have on how to get started with marketing. My first recommendation is following our help document on Developing a marketing plan. A marketing plan can help you make decisions and better understand who you are trying to reach (your audience), what you want to say, and how to reach them (what tactics to use). From there, another great resource is a marketing checklist for new entrepreneurs we have on our blog. This article runs through some marketing tactics in detail that you can use (both free and paid) to help drive traffic to your store. 

Once you've decided on your audience, and tactics, I recommend looking at our Shopify learn platform to see if we offer any free video courses to give you a more in depth understanding of how to use these tools. For example, one great course is called Facebook Ads for beginners

Let us know how this goes! If you don't already have a Shopify store, just let me know and I'd be happy to share some resources with you on how you can get started. 

Hilary | Community Manager @ Shopify 
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The combination of SEO and SEM is the perfect strategy to boost conversions! When choosing your eCommerce keywords, It’s important to keep this in mind. How many people are searching for each keyword? Should I choose the keywords with the highest amount of monthly searches? Not necessarily. For now, just filter the keywords that fit the most with what you offer on your eCommerce website. You will want to choose wider-reaching keywords with a lot of monthly searches but also more specific long-tail keywords with a lower amount of searches that are more specific and close to what you offer. Here, some tips:

  • When doing a backlinking strategy, try to get links to your website from other websites with domains like .org, .edu or .gov. These pages are great for backlinking because they often have a lot of domain authority. Don’t forget to check that the links you are building with other pages are “Do Follow” links, otherwise it won’t help your page’s authority.
  • Even if your brand new Shopify store needs traffic to start getting customers or your already settled store needs an extra push of traffic visibility, Google Ads is definitely a potential solution that you should consider using. With Google Ads, you will be able to bring traffic or potential customers that are looking on Google for the products you are selling. Google Ads free app for Shopify is essential in this sense.
  • Google Ads, you can easily set ads of your ecommerce for the different keywords that you’re interested in. This way, you can attract potential customers that are looking for the products you are selling. Not only you can use the Google Search ads, but also set banners for the Display campaigns that will appear on all the websites that are affiliated to the Google AdSense program. The impact is assured!

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As Judithmg mentioned, a lot can be done with SEO to get leads.

One effective option that will help to increase your visibility and also build trust between your brand and your customers is to set up an informative FAQ page that contain relevant keywords and backlinks to different sections of your store and content. 

And now that customers have found your site, you want them to make a purchase, but naturally, not everyone will proceed to check out the first time they come on your website. So in order to get some leads, I would suggest considering implementing an SMS marketing strategy as it's a very personal approach to stay in contact with your customers who have already shown interest in your brand.

However, before it's possible to start contacting customers via text message, they need to opt-in. One option to get subscribers is to set up a welcome pop-up and in return for signing up, you should provide a little benefit like a discount from their first order. 

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Hi @ghomergher,

This is UpPromote: Affiliate Marketing - We are the no.1 Affiliate marketing on Shopify app store.

I am happy here to share some experience and suggestions for your online store. And I truly hope that they are useful and helpful for you in improving your sales performance. 

With the marketing strategy, you should spend first priority to find the methods which brings positive results.

1. Run Facebook ads

Running ads such as Facebook ads, or Instagram ads, even Google ads are popular methods to viral your products faster. You can get more knowledge and experience hereFacebook Ads for beginners. With Google Ads, you can easily attract target customers that are looking for the products you are selling. You can set your ads with different keywords, or banner as well. However, you should consider it because it is not really a potential choice for starters. The reason is that you might cost a lost of money to run for long term. In some specific case, if it don't bring positive traffics for you, you also need to pay fee to maintain them. We know it because we know many customers get same issues. 

2. SEO

One of the most important functions of SEO is increasing visibility, which means making it easier for prospects to find you when they search for something you have to offer. Visibility is directly related to your ranking. The ultimate reason SEO is essential is that it can help you achieve many of your business goals. SEO can help you drive more people to your site, give you an edge over the competition, and increase conversions, which means more sales, more loyal customers, and more growth for your business. You can use SEO apps from Shopify app store such as SEO Booster ‑ SEO Marketing to support you in developing SEO marketing campaign.

3. Affiliate marketing

My recommendation is that you should think about another safer and suitable methods for your business. Affiliate marketing could be a good option for your.  Affiliate marketing is a marketing model which allows you to connect with various affiliates, and then they will use their advertising sources such as social media channels, websites, blogs, etc, to promote your products. You only need to pay affiliate commission whenever a customer makes a purchase via the unique link or coupon associated with their recommendation.




Here are some benefits of affiliate marketing:

Make extra income

The main advantage of affiliate marketing is that the income is entirely performance-based. This is because affiliates are only paid a commission when a purchase has taken place. That means if the affiliates have an ineffective campaign, it won’t affect your budget. 

The affiliates understand that driving huge traffic of potential customers will help to increase sales conversion. For this reason, the affiliates will spend much effort to build effective social platforms, promotion or boosting posts of your products in a better way to attract customers. The more efficiently they work, the more commission they generate, and the more sales you earn. 

Low investment but high cost effective

In fact, affiliate marketing does not need a huge amount to build a customer service team, or running advertising. This campaign helps to mitigate any risks that drive traffic or run social ads with little or no result for your Shopify business, while also ensuring that merchants achieve what they pay for.

In fact, whereas a poor marketing campaign that sends you low quality results will still need to be paid for, even if you make no sales. However, affiliate marketing ensures your marketing is cost effective and helps to reduce the risk of “leaking out” money for an uncertain market. 


With UpPromote: Affiliate Marketing, generating an affiliate program allows you to tap into potential sources of traffic and revenue that you would otherwise not be getting. This is especially true of physical products, for which affiliates can do product review blog posts or videos, for example.


Promote business brand name

A research reported that 92% of customers trust the recommendations of people, companies or influencers they know.For this reason, working directly with affiliate marketers who then promote your products to their established audience, brings more opportunities and more direct sales. The plus of affiliate marketing is to expand out into new markets that you haven't explored, giving your brand a much stronger online presence.


I hope my recommendation will be helpful for you. If you are still looking for a marketing tool to boost your sales greatly, I hope you can try our product: UpPromote: Affiliate Marketing 

If these feedbacks are valuable and helpful, kindly give us a "Like" or mark it as a solution. Be patient with your business and good luck!


All the bests,

UpPromote: Affiliate Marketing

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I'd like to recommend doing affiliate marketing for your Shopify store. Affiliate marketing is an marketing model in which you pay others to advertise your products and services to generate sales. Affiliates place ads or market the products or services on their website, app, or blog. Commissions are paid on leads that convert to sales.

Why affiliate marketing turns out to be the most profitable eCommerce marketing tactic?

  • Cost-effectiveness

You’re not wasting money on places not showing their worth if you just pay commissions when the conversion occurs.

Moreover, without spending the expenditures of establishing a full-fledged marketing campaign, recruiting affiliates is a straightforward technique eliminating the need to invest money in an unproven industry for testing.

Aside from cost-effectiveness, lost cost corresponds to lower risk. As a result, affiliate marketing is also recommended for various business kinds, including small businesses on a budget.

  • Targeted traffic

As you handpick your affiliates, you can ensure that the traffic coming to your site is from people who are interested in your product or service. This is because affiliates who connect with your brand will most likely have others in their circle of influence benefiting from it.

  • Flexibility

Any industry can benefit from the affiliate marketing strategy whatever types of goods or services are.
No matter what niche you’re in, you’ll be able to locate a variety of affiliate programs once you get started in affiliate marketing.

Moreover, you can simply scale up or down your affiliate program at little or no expense. It also provides you with a cost-effective option to expand your organization.

  • High ROI

Affiliate marketing is one of the greatest methods to get the highest return on investment.
Why? Since you are directing your marketing efforts through an affiliate that has direct access, influence, and responsiveness to a highly focused reception audience that is more inclined to purchase your company’s products.

For effective practice, see our full guide to affiliate marketing setup for merchants here.

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Hi @ghomergher 

A successful ecommerce marketing typically requires an omni-channel approach which means arranging and executing your marketing exercises on more than one channel. The justification for carrying out an omni-channel approach is that each channel has its own qualities and shortcomings dependent on which it satisfies its marketing reason. Some are best for driving changes while others are extraordinary for raising client mindfulness.

Here is a breakdown of each marketing channel and how you should integrate them into your marketing strategies.

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Hey there,

There are LOTS of ways to increase your ecommerce conversions! For your Shopify store, you can implement these tips: 

  • You can provide live-chat with a successful human resource team. Customers love live chat support! 79% of consumers prefer live chat because of instant response opportunities. ( You can use Popupsmart's FREE tool for live chats)
  • Include conversion-driven popups.  (POPUPS WORK! WHY?: You can grow your email list, offer discounts, giveaways, or coupons, collect submission forms, ask for cookie consent, promote your products, increase phone call traffic, inform your customers about upcoming discounts, and so on.)



There are many, many more ways to do your ecommerce marketing via Shopify. I recommend you to first do your research - there are multiple articles about ecommerce conversions and lead generation- & get a clear understanding of these methods. Then start implementing which one you prefer- which one you think is the best for your business.  



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Hi @ghomergher,


You can visit our blog and learn more about e-commerce marketing. We also have an app that lets you track commissions, automatically generate codes for affiliates, and track payouts.


If you want to give it a try, install it for free here