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How important is SEO and what can you really do? I have done everything I could do...

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Sooo, I have put keywords in my titles, descriptions and meta tags, I have image alt text, every SEO description has been modified. I have done everything I read on the internet. If I put my site in a SEO checker it says a score of 86/100. But still I ain't nowhere near the first page with my bussiness.

The only time I really find my site on Google is when I do direct searches of stuff that is on my site. So for instant: Bamboe Sokken MDKSocks or something like that. But if I search only Bamboe Sokken my site is nowhere to be seen. Those keywords are everywhere tho..

I didn't really do that backlinking thing, why would other website post my website link for free? That whole backlinking thing doesn't really make sense to me at all.

But for the rest, I did every page of the book, but still my SEO score is 'only' 86% and my site is nowhere to be seen if I google broad keywords.

Is there something you can do about this or is it really just a lot of patience and years for your business to climb in the ranks because it get's trusted more by Google or something? I have the idea t I am going crazy over nothing because I can't do anything about it more than I allready did.

I really think the only thing I can do is wait right?

Go sock yourself! --
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Hi @MDKSocks,

I totally understand that it can be really frustrating! 

However, there are actually much more under SEO. One of the most essential part is also compelling content, which is published regularly. Have you thought of setting up a blog on your site? I know that the topics will be quite limited for a website selling sock, however, check your keyword analysis for long-tail keywords and try to think of a topic for your blog posts. Or, e.g. Christmas will be coming soon, you can write about e.g. 5 Christmas gifts for your xxx under xxx OR 4 Christmas Gifts Ideas for your family OR you can write short posts about new arrivals and how they fit well with other clothing parts...Please take it only as some random ideas, which I'm generating right now 😄 

If your write relevant blog posts for your audience you can then share them on social media, get traffic, visitors, engagement and "points" for your ranking.

The backlink thing...Yes, this is important. What sometimes works is to find relevant partner websites and ask them to include your website link into one of their articles. In many cases, you will be asked to pay a fee for this, but sometimes not. This takes a lot of time but it definitely helps your SEO as well as get new visitors to your site. And not that many websites will answer to you. However, you don't need to have a link on xxx websites, a few is enough for the beginning. How about starting with some "fashion" bloggers? 

Apart from the above mentioned factors, e.g. the site speed also plays an important role...

And yes, SEO takes some time...It's not easy and rather a long-run project compared to paid ads, which generate mainly short-term results. 

I hope this helps!

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Before anything else, it’s very important to first define the objectives—or goals— of your content marketing and SEO strategy.

Your content marketing goals should align well with your marketing goals, as well as your overall business objectives. Defining these goals is very important, so we can build the right strategic framework to pursue these goals.

The main principles are that your SEO content marketing goals should be:

  • Specific: clear enough to understand and to implement.
  • Realistic: in a sense of, attainable. This is important to maintain a sense of achievement and maintain your morale (and your team’s). Breakdown big goals into smaller milestones, if necessary.
  • Measurable: you can assign KPIs and evaluate key metrics to measure the content marketing performance according to these objectives.

With those being said, here are some common SEO content marketing objectives you might want to apply to your own:

    • Establish credibility and trust. A common objective for SEO content marketing, and a pretty obvious one. Consistent publication of relevant content can help establish your position as the thought leader in your industry.
  • Attract new prospects. Also an important objective. Compelling and valuable content can attract new potential leads. This is mainly done by publishing content that gets shared a lot on social media—and if possible, go viral—.
  • Educate prospects and customers. Inform potential leads and existing customers about your product/service. It can also be about solutions to your audience’s pain points (not directly discussing your product).
  • Persuade people to buy. Here, the content is designed to handle sales objetions, so content might talk about why your product is worth the hefty price, or a case study on how your service can save more money in the long run, for example in apartamentos en zahara de los atunes, my site
  • Tell a story. All content should essentially aim to be a storitelling medium
  • Maximize retention/loyalty: content marketing is one of the most effective channels in maximizing retention. Maintaining existing customers can be more cost-efficient than acquiring new ones, so this can be a very important goal.

This list is certainly not exhaustive, and there can be more objectives you can pursue with SEO content marketing strategy. The important thing is to actually define at least one so we can move forward.

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You only handle on-page SEO and omit off-page SEO. Actually, off-page SEO is more important because it can drive traffics with your content. 

The simplest way is to create unique content like high-quality blog posts, tutorial videos, etc. Alternatively, ask for guest posting on other sites to get backlinks. After all, Traffics is a scarce resource like money. So you have to earn it on your own. 

Imagine if everyone is optimizing the site structure and the rank can be boosted easily, then everyone can game Google immediately. How can it be so easy to fool Google, right?


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Thank you all for your solutions! I really really don't want to start a blog to be honest, but let me think about that. But for the rest I understand what you are saying.

I just don't know how realistic it will be to get my link on other websites honestly and for the rest I am pretty optimized. (I think)

I guess 84/100 SEO score is pretty good and all we need is time and get Google's trust right?

Go sock yourself! --
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That whole backlinking thing doesn't really make sense to me at all.

Maybe not, but trust me it does to Google

One of the most famous SEO books ever only had one page - and one sentence: "Get more links!"

Off course, this is a bit of a over simplification of SEO but the fact is that you have - so to speak, polished your car, installed new seats fixed the lights - but you forgot the engine. No matter how nice that car looks it just won't drive.

How to get links is an art in itself - kind of like how to get exposure in medias (PR). You can ask for it, get it organically, beg for it, pay for it and a million other ways but no matter what you do - without enough, and good enough links, you won't get much visibility in Google. 

Another very important set of things is technical SEO. There actually quite a lot you can and should do. Shopify is a good starting point but you most often need to optimize technicl SEO-factors on top of it (depending on your theme, Apps etc.)

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everything that you described is very helpful. But why I have to just wait for ranking my site even my ranking result is 86/100

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Thanks for writing this article. It is very helpful for me .I learn many thing from this article. Please write more topics on SEO.

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HI @MDKSocks

This is PageFly - Free Landing Page BuilderI totally agree with @Hermesssss and @demib . To be honest, SEO is a demanding marathon that requires you to bring forth your efforts upfront to get it right from the very starting steps - but once you rank, you can rather sit back and enjoy a passive income with no recurring cost.


Before adding keywords, think about 3 questions, including:

(1) What is your target audience and what is their search habits; 

(2) Is your website optimized and add new content regularly; 

(3) Have you thought about other marketing tactics, for example, Tiktok marketing, Influencer Marketing, Advertising,... to maximize conversions from visitors.


Regarding Shopify SEO tactics, it can also be categorized in the same three buckets: 

  • On-page SEO: On-page SEO covers all approaches you use to help search engines better understand and rank your content - which includes making content friendly and useful to your target audience; then optimizing your URLs, headings, title tags, meta descriptions, keywords, image,... so it can also be friendly to search engines. 
  • Off-page SEO: Off-page SEO covers all activities carried out on another site or platforms, including, but not limited to Link Building, Backlinks, Guest Blog, Social Media, Local citation, Reviews, Influencers. 
  • Technical SEO: Refers to website and server optimizations that help search engine spiders crawl and index your site more effectively, including Fast Page Speed, mobile responsive design, a secure website, limited use of Javascript Structured data, XML sitemaps, HTTP status codes, and good information architecture.

SEO is ultimately a long-term investment and it needs months to get your website ranked on google, please keep calm and the result will come along way




Another very important set of things is technical SEO ( including the most important factor such as Fast Page Speed,...). Here at PageFly, we truly understand it. Optimizing for technical page SEO could be a tough task. Without a lightning-fast loading store, you simply can’t rank on top. PageFly knows it and therefore has a one-click solution for this.
When you leverage the PageFly app, you don’t need to bother about page speed. The CSS, Javascript and images are minified beforehand.


You can explore PageFly with a free plan available forever here


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This is the significance of SEO for your business: SEO offers you the ability to be the response to possible clients' inquiries. Notwithstanding perceivability and traffic increment, SEO adds to your legitimate voice in your field. Authority then, at that point, prompts brand trust, which eventually prompts brand reliability.

While asking the inquiry for what reason is SEO really great for business, the response is that SEO draws in new clients as well as permits you to develop your business relationship with those clients in light of the trust you have laid out with them.

Quality and quantity closely relate to web optimization. The more your site appears on both the back and front closures, the more traffic you will receive, and the more web indexes you will have, the higher your pursuit rankings will be. Building SEO works by consolidating SEO components utilizing an information-driven approach. These elements include:

Catchphrase investigation

Backlink building

Content creation

How about we investigate how each of these reinforces your SEO for your computerised promotion?