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How long does it take to get sales?

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I opened my store about 5 days ago and so far no sales 😞    I paid for a few FB ads and see I have some traffic coming but no sales yet.   Do you know how long on average does it take to start getting sales?  


As a start up should I spend most of my time on SEO right now or keep up ads on Facebook?   Also, how many products do you think I need to start getting sales?  I have about 400 uploaded but working on getting more up.


Thanks!  Any advice you can help me with I would be very grateful!   My store:



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Seems like your store sells everything and has no real way to say it's different from any other store out there that may or may not be doing drop ship. 5 days isn't a long time and if you barely spent any money on Facebook ads....that could be why you have no sales. We generally get all our ecom clients up on Google Shopping as they can see revenue and sales faster then targeting a cold audience on Facebook.

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My recommendation is you have do both SEO and Social Media.


If you want to invest the SEO or Social Media, you have to hire the specialist for who can rank your website into 1st page of search engine or attract the potential customer from social media to your website store.

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SEO and Social Ads both are important that can help you in getting sales.

It's only 5 days so take it easy 🙂

But yes make sure that you are implementing right Social and SEO tactics. For SEO, it is important to apply the best practices as it is fruitful for long-term. You can check this article where experts has share the SEO tips: Experts Share Their Ecommerce SEO Tips

Wish you will get large number of sales 🙂

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It took me about 1 month and 1000$ spent on testing FB Ads to get first sales. Keep trying! 

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I know it’s been awhile but I looked at your site briefly.  1: it took a long time to load.  More than 5 seconds.  That will turn off customers.  2: Your site lists too many unrelated products.  The most successful stores are niche sites focused on one narrow type of product.  Google won’t rank pages well if they have too many unrelated product types.  

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Hi there! 

We've check your store. Here are some ideas we would suggest:

1. About ads and SEO: Though it takes long time to achive good results, but SEO is a the most effective and economical way to promote your store and save your money spent in ads. Therefor, you should keep doing SEO, it takes time so be patient. 

Besides, keep doing ads, but remember to target the right audience, otherwise you will loose money. Besides Facebook, you can also consider Instagram ads or Google ads. As you sell clothing, Instagram can be a good platform to target your audience. 

2. About store optimization: You've set up your store good enough to attract visitors from first look. But if you want to gain your sales, you may need to use more supporting tools to optimize your store. 

For example, you can create social proof to show customers that your products are qualified enough. Buyers tend to check for other customers' opinions to make purchasing decision you know. Therefore, if you want to gain sales, importing more testimonials can be helpful. You should consider using review tools to do that (like Yotpo,, Ali Reviews, etc) Reviews would be useful to impress visitors and encourage them to place orders. 

Overal your store is good. It has been just 5 days so you may want to do more to optimize it and get more sales. Hope these recommendation would be useful. Wish you all the best! 

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Before starting with anything extra, you need to make sure your store is fully optimized first. Check this article 13 reasons why your store isn't great. Hope this will help. Thanks!