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How much ?/10 would you rate my online store

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Hello everyone, 

I‘ve launched my online 3 months ago and during the 1st month, I spend like $3k on (branding, publicity,FB, IG, AdWords) and I did not get any sale. There was a problem with my website (was not cool enough to sell), then I came up with completely different layout, you can say completely different website! 

Total orders: ( 2 orders in 3 months)

My first two orders came through google (organic search), I was working hard for the last six months, I just need someone who can give constructive criticism, I’m here to learn..

My marketing budget for the season  ($4k-$5K )between November and December. 

Any feedback will be highly appreciated! 

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Hi! One thing you should definitely do is have a much sharper slider image. In addition, I feel that given your marketing budget, it will be best for you to spend a bit to learn marketing and see sales coming through on a smaller store, then apply to a bigger store.

You will learn how to make engaging sales funnel, and turning a much larger percentage of your traffic into conversions. 

For more information on these visit

You'll get a live store making money which you can actually learn from!