How much is an appropriate Marketing Budget.

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Hi guys,

I am Raul Mendoza. I am starting my Own apparel brand. I have everything sorted but one thing i could not figure out was how much money do i need to put into my advertising and marketing budget every month. 

So Far i have $1600 for the first month allocated and then $2500 for each month there after. Now this is just the paid marketing side of things. Plus i will be paying someone to manage these campaigns. 

I have hired a person who will be managing all my social media operations. 

I Have a scope of increasing my budget after the 5 or 6th month to 5k - 7.5 k Depending on the conversions. 

However i am not quite sure of what the conversion figures are like for the T-shirt market.

In My business plan I have used the worst case scenario and put in 0 sales after $4050 of paid advertising. And from month 3 onwards i have Increased the sales to 50, month 4 to 150 and month 5 to 300 and so on. 

Now I have the money. But my only problem is I only get one chance to do this and i must do it right. So I am kind of nervous need solid advice on what sort of conversions i could possibly get with the budget i have mentioned. I can then put this into the business plan and hopefully get more accurate Figures and some peace of mind. 

P.S The website is not ready yet. Just getting work finished on that.







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 0 sales after $4050 of paid advertising should not be a scenario. That's too much for no sales.

True it takes the first few months to find your feet, but NO sales should not be a scenario. Start with a good site, a good funnel with reasons to not drop off along every point. Test ads in the first 2, 3 weeks itself to find good messaging. Test layered, distinct audiences. 

Within $500-$1000 you should have some sales for sure (not 0 sales) and direction forward that you feel confident about. Max $2000. Not $4050. Of course the money I am talking of is just ad spend, not counting the fee of the person you are hiring. Hope that gives some reference point.

My background - I have run ads for many startups, taking them from 0 to $5000+ in a week or two. A great (simple, beautiful & compelling) website, an extremely linear funnel, an early bird incentive (limited time offer) have worked well in my experience, in the first few days. But I'd like to add - I have never sold T shirts, mostly smart gadgets.

All the best!

Karan Jassar
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hi Karan,

Thanks for the reply. 

Yes i am hoping for a few sales with the Initial budget as well but i was taking the worst case scenario. The designs I have are absolutely beautiful and i am really confident about the designs. I am extreemly fussy about the fabric to be used as well and I have sourced the best fabrics with the best fit and comfort at a decent $20-24 Price point.

I am getting the website professionally made to my liking to get the designs to be showcased the way they deserve to be. However my only concern is that i am not a marketing guy. And to me that is an important box to be ticked. If i go ahead and do it myself i'd just waste a lot of money and cut my wings out before i am able to fly. However no one was able to give me an average conversion that i would be able to achieve with the adspend budget. Hense the absurd numbers and the worst case scenarios.  

I was looking at your application there. It is quite impressive . When the campaign starts, would you be able to help me optimise the promotioms done through orange twig to improve perfomance ?

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Hi Raul,

You asked - would you be able to help me optimise the promotioms done through orange twig to improve perfomance?

We are here to help.

But one does not optimize campaigns with OrangeTwig really; like you do in ads. The reason being you are not narrowing down your content. Rather you are sharing all kinds of content through OrangeTwig to keep your fans and followers engaged on a daily basis. You share reviews, testimonials, A or B posts, sale posts, Buy Now posts. This takes the burden of organic social media posting off your hands. Sure you may find testimonials usually get you a good response, or comparison posts do.

Get started and see for yourself! All these posts will get created on their own and get shared on all social channels, and keep bringing you traffic.

For any assistance, our team is here. It is best to ask for help via the help chat box. And I am available at -

Give it a go -



Karan Jassar
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Hello Raul,

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Hey Raul, 

Honestly, I think you can through 10k a month at advertising for your t-shirt brand and get nothing back.

The T-shirt market is sooooooooo competitive. There really needs to be a solid "why" behind it, that set you apart from the rest in your niche part of the market. If your just a general T-shirt store with no story about what you are all about, then you will struggle in my option, but that's just my opinion. 

You can't guarantee any return from advertising. 



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 Raul, great question. We get this a lot.


This iterative process takes time. Facebook, for example, requires a certain amount of conversions to go through an ad set for the algorithm to start to work and ultimately find other people to purchase your product. There’s no hard number for this rule, but 50 conversions a week is a smart place to start.


For example, if you need 50 conversions a week per ad set, and your product costs $100, you need to spend $5000 in a week to get that ad set to work how it should. From there, you can back out your budget and estimate out how much you need overall.


We blogged about this today if you’re curious:


Hope that’s useful!

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