How much should I invest in FB/Tik Tok ads for $500-1k weekly profit?

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How much do I need to spend on FB/Tik Tok ads to gain $500-1k per week?

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Hi @Legendary_11 It totally depends on the ROAS you are getting on your creatives(ads), there is no fix amount that can be suggested to gain $500-1k.


There are different things which are responsible for getting better ROAS, the better your ROAS is the lesser amount you need to pay to get your numbers( i.e. $500-1k). Here are few points which is is responsible your ROAS:

  • What is your product?
  • Are you targeting right customer when selecting the audience?
  • Is customer engaging with your ads or not?
  • What is your Cost per clicks(CPC)?
  • Is your store helping your customer to checkout easily, etc 

These are few points that you need to look, there are other points as well that I haven't mentioned here.


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