How my promoters can track sales generated from Coupon Codes

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Hi Everybody , 

Due to low budget I decided that It would be a great idea to create a Discount Code for a list of influencers that are ready to partner with my store.  But then I got sudenly dissapointed. It seams there is no way for them to track if any sales were generated with their coupon. All of them are asking for transparency , I understand their point of view very well , as there should be transparency for a succesful collaboration. 

I checked on google and almost every eccomerce platform allow to share the discount code tracking link with a third party , unfortunatelly Shopify is not offering such kind of feature , and it dissapoints me a lot , its in their interest as well. 

I would love to hear some ideas from you what options are available to create trackable promo code that could be shared with my promoters  ? Maybe some scripts that can be integrated in the website code ? 

Any ideas and thoughts will be higly appreciated ! 

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Hi, I am facing the same problem. Did you get lucky with any solution?