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How "thank you" phone calls changed my business

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Some Background

I used to get stressed out with abandoned checkouts. For every sale, there was an abandoned checkout. The Abandoned checkouts were totalling about $3,500 per month sometimes. And my auto-emails were only recovery about 10% of them. So I felt bad, because I felt I was leaving over $3,000 on the table. I sell a niche product so I knew they were all good leads. I noticed people were leaving phone numbers so I just decided to call them and ask why they didn't complete their purchase. At first I assumed it was because maybe the price was too high, or shipping cost was unexpected, but that didn't seem to be the case.

Long story short - calling my abandoned customers just to get feedback was crucial because I learned that there aren't just 1 or 2 reasons why people abandon. There were literally dozens. It sounds like common sense to me now, but you can't really learn what your customer expects until you talk to them.

Fast forward, my recovery rate went to 55%!!! Talking to abandoned cart customers was a huge help to my business, not just because talking to the founder put my customers at ease and earned trust, but because then I learned what their challenges with my offering was and I changed the copy and design on my website to make it clearer.

This then gave me the idea to call ALL of my customers If it had a 55% recovery rate, I wondered how it would affect repurchase rates. I only do about avg 5-6 sales per day (avg price of $90), so it's been easy to call everyone the next day. I just call and say "thank you" - no strings attached. I show them how much I appreciate their business and their trust in my business. On the call I also ask them if they need anything else from me, and how else I can help.

This REALLY helped me build trust. Some customers even thanked me for my time (I think because I would say I'm the founder, they would think I'm some big shot and that really made them feel appreciated). My repurchase rates visibly went up, and so did the word-of-mouth buyers.

Anyway, I just wanted to share this with the group. Customer relationships I feel get overlooked. Myself included, I feel many of us get caught up in the email marketing, and FB retargeting, and other marketing automation tools, but we lose sight on the real face to face. Especially for small businesses whose brands are unknown, we need to go above and beyond and make a name for ourselves.

Here is the app I developed that can automate some of the steps for calling for you:

And here is a link to my blog with some more tips:

Also, saying "thank you" has mental and health benefits I read that showing gratitude at least once a day keeps away toxic emotions like greed, jealously, and anxiety. There was a scientific study that was done around this topic, but can't recall where I read that right now.

Curious, what are some other ways some of us here are building bulletproof customer relationships?

If anyone is interested to learn more about the details, I'm happy to help. Just reach out 🙂

My email is

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Amazing stuff!

Calling your customers makes complete sense. It's simple, scaleable and arguably the best method of recieving constructive feedback from customers.