How the main website listing and product pages are depicted on search engine results

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I am still learning a lot about SEO but I can't seem to find much information online about how to "control" how your results are depicted on Google/Bing search. For example, for Wayfair, they have some neatly organized categories shown on the listing. Instead of large sections on the Google/Bing results, my navigation menu categories are placed into a row of small boxes instead. I use the DEBUT theme -- is this just a limitation of using a free Shopify theme?


Example of Wayfair's category section with nice search box layout within their Google Search listing:



Also, have seen some stores with search result listings of their product pages that have a product photo next to the listing. I think that's great to have a photo with the product page link, but my product page listed on Google/Bing don't show the product photo. Is there any Shopify Apps that can help with teaching Google/Bing how to read the product page better to be able to extract the product photo for search result listing?


Thanks in advance.


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