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How this guy "Earn $18000 in 3 months with Shopify"?

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I am new to shopify and I have just launched my ecommerce store.  I was attracted by a thread "How I earn $18000 in 3 months with Shopify" ,  Any one who can elaborate how this guy promote his website?

Original post:

Website program: Shopify

Products: Electronic accessories (Sourced from China factory directly)

Order and inventory management: ChinaDivision Shopify fulfillment app (Free)

Promotion method: Facebook, Deals, SEO, forum

Team: 2 (My partner and me)


I would like to thank BHW, from here, I learned a lot. Today I would like to write a little about my experience about how I earn $18000 in 3 months by Shopify. (I am not affiliated with Shopify)

Shopify is easy to use, so Shopify is suitable for me.

I have an electronic related Facebook group and some deals website resources which I can submit to, so these products are good for me. I have a good friend in China for 5 years. He helps me to source products from a China factory which products are cheap and good quality

Fulfillment: My products are sourced from China factory, so a China fulfillment company is good for me. The fulfillment app at ChinaDivision is free. Warehousing is free for 90 days. No Minimum order is required, so there is no need to worry about fulfillment cost at the beginning.


My partner in charge of SEO and forum, and I am in charge of Facebook and deals websites. We started by submitting coupons and give away to our Facebook group and deals websites. With these resources, we got our initial users. When customers share the products they received to their Facebook, they would get a coupon code for next purchase and so on. By the way, Shipping small products from China to US/worldwide can be very cheap.

I know my partner at BHW by a post, He is an expert on SEO. You know that SEO is slow at first but effective in the end. So Facebook and deals promotion comes first, then SEO works

One of the best ways is cooperating with a Phone related forum which refers a lot of traffic to our website.

Above are the main promotional method we use, but actually, we have done more than above, such as customer service, new products promotion, discussing, etc

Sometimes, we devote ourselves to working till late at night. Tired it is, but worth doing. What we do is not just earn money, but also fight for our cause and interest.

You may not know how hard working we are. I just want to say one thing: Success Belongs to the Persevering.

Facebook Ads:

1. You should have a Facebook Ad account, it is easy to get. 
2. Before run a facebook Ad campaign, you'd better get a list of real emails. We have many real women emails so that we can run ad to this special targeted customers. (Upload email list to facebook ad campaign, then run ad to those who have registered facebook) . 
3. Set several Ad series, then Plan -> Design -> Check -> Action, Choose the best Ad campaign , then enlarge your budget. 

As to deal promotions, you should have a good performance account, if not ,you need to pay for submitting.


This guy mentioned that he used the above promotion methods. He sells electronic accessories & iPhone cases and so on.  Does any one has this achievement? I send this post here is to know if anyone who can find how he promote his website.  Thanks

The attachment is the sales report of this guy. Please check

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I cannot help you on how to promote your website. But i want to give you a heads up on the risks of dropshipping in China.

Personally i would never ever sell any electric/electronics, products that have skin or food contact, or anything that comes with an inherit danger to people, pets and property in the west, sourced from Chinese suppliers without documented product safety compliance.

In China you can sell anything, no matter how dangerous, hazardous or poisonous it is. Luckily the West (foremost the EU) have excellent product safety laws and regulations established to protect customers from this crap.

What obviously all of these "get rich quick" people don't understand, is that they are liable for the things they sell. Basically you are with one foot in jail. It doesn't even have to happen an accident... there is something called market surveilance. If they find your product does not comply with national laws and regulations they can shut you down and order a product recall. That along with the hefty fines will leave you in ruins. If you're lucky if they seize it at the customs and the only thing you have to deal with is an angry customer. It starts already there that all products have to be permanently marked with your company name and address, i don't know how many of dropshippers can say that about their products.

Big companies don't just make huge profits with Chinese products. No, they understand how risky it is and they take every precautions to avoid liability. That involves a lot of expensive testing by neutral third party labs. Even with that effort, it happens to them too. Of course they have the funds to settle those claims.

I am living in China for years working for a German notified/certifying body that issues market compliance certificates. Trust me i've seen some shhh you wouldn't believe.