How to adapt to Google Merchant's new shipping attribute changes?

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Hallo all.

I have my Google channel since 3 years running and working. Today I got a mail from Google that they are changing the shipping attribute and they want it to be extended also with country attribute.

I have multiple country and shipping rates configured.

My question:

Is the Google channel app already sending in the right way data to Google or do I have to make any changes.

Here is the link where Google's mail reference me

Thanks in advance for you r reply.



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The free shopping app in Shopify submits shipping details by adding the settings, not data feed submitted shipping details.


There is no change in submitting shipping details, only an additional option which is not mandatory.


Currently the free app will only submit to 1 country, no additional countries, if you want to submit to additional countries you need to submit it yourself, as you have already done.

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