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How to add popups into my shopify store without app with popupsmart?

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Popupsmart is a smart popup builder increasing your conversion rates on your website. Conversion is a percentage of people who visited your websites and took action, such as purchasing or signing up for being members.


Create your first popup for free without adding an app


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How Popupsmart works?

Popupsmart can work within every website and platform by adding a single line javascript code. After that, you can easily choose a popup template, then customize it, and finally, you should target your audience. It takes only 10 minutes, so it makes the easiest and most powerful way to generate lead.


Solutions we provide

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With the new generation of popups, we can create a solution for any aspect of problems.


Growing an email list is hard because no one wants to get more spammy emails from brands. However, if you can make gamification newsletter popups, it catches attention and gets 3x more conversions.


Promoting a product should be clear communication with website users. You can use a slider, email, etc. but it's now enough to announce it. With popupsmart, you can target your audience when the first visit of the user so you can be sure that visitors have seen it.


Generating leads is not always getting transactions from e-commerce. Even if you are a dentist, you can generate leads from your website. Even so, having a website is not satisfactory because you should know all the UX rules. Because of the lots of things, users should easily see and get active on every website. Popupsmart provides click to call popups to increase leads, so it solves the problems.


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This is a great option to add popups however what if we don't want to be pushy on sales and it comes up with the popup for 8 seconds and disappears after that rather than hanging around until the customer crosses it off. Let me know if there is any such option. For example, if I want to promote one of my products like, AND I want it to appear as someone lands up on my home page and after 8 seconds it minimizes at the top left corner of the screen.


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Hi Sangyk, our product does not provide pushy popup on sales. It displays conversion ready popups with advanced targeting options like triggering after 8 seconds.

So you can get what you want 🙂

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This pop up is not working on my store. 

Here's the diagnostic photoimage_2022-02-13_002241.png

Any recommendation to fix it plaese?