How to advertise Facebook campaigns when doesnt have Business Manager !?

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Hello to support guys, PLEASE help me this situation drives me crazy : 

I want to create facebook campaigns for my shopify products : at this time, I only got a FB personal account, since like thousands of other people Im not able to create a new business manager (even when my personal FB account dates from 6 months and Im using it daily)

SO I just tried to create campaigns using my FB personal account, problem : Using this boring new assistant on shopify, it requires to connect to a specific business manager... so my question is simple : 

for ALL guys doesnt having a business manager, how do we do ? to at least trigger and forward events generated on the shopify shop to my FB advertising personal account ? it was so more simple before, just needed to fill in the facebook pixel...... why you implemented this new crappy assistant, its a nightmare for millions of users I suppose....

SO please I would really appreciate you provide some inputs about this situation, thanks in advance 

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I am also stuck at the same exact point! Any help from Shopify partners will be appreciated!