How to apply BOGO discount to the Compare at Price

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This is a thing I've been trying to figure out for months without solving.


In our store we offer very frequently offers like 2x1, Buy X and Get Y 50% off and so on... the thing is that we want to apply the promo to the Compare at Price, so if the X product has a discount lets say 20% off, we need the user to pay the Full price on that item and not discounted with the 20% off. See the next example:


Product X

  • Price $20
  • Compare at price $25 (original price

Product Y

  • Price $15
  • Compare at price $18

User adds both items and the next scenarios happen:


Right now, Shopify would do this:

Product X: Pays $20

Product Y: Free


But we need this:

Product X: Pays $25

Product Y: Free


We need the next:

  • Always apply the discount in the cheapest item (in Compare at Price)
  • User has to pay the full price of the most expensive item
  • Work wither by coupon code or automatic, if both work that would be better


Any clues on how to do this?

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We have the same question, has someone figured out how to solve it?

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Has anyone been able to find an answer to this?