how to brand?

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How do i brand my company? and how many shirt designs do i start with? does my shirts need a theme?

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To Brand your company, you have to build a good reputation to your company and provide a better customer experience.


Regarding for T-Shirt Design, Is it promo T-Shirt? Free giveaways to your employee?

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Great question


Wanted to add my two cents:


What brand perception do people currently have that you’re trying to change?


During a recent kickoff with a new client, this question came up and grabbed my attention. It won’t apply to every company, but in the event of a brand relaunch, or some kind of takeover, it’s likely that your company’s goals are around shifting buyer behavior. Seth Godin’s bestselling book on marketing explains that marketers make change on behalf of those we serve. We change people from one emotional state to another. We help them become the person they’ve dreamed of becoming, a little bit at a time. Shifting behavior is not an easy task, but by doing your due diligence upfront by asking this branding question, you can be sure to frame your paid marketing campaigns in a brand consistent manner going forward.


Anyway, we just blogged about this the other day, if you want to see some of our other strategic marketing questions:


Hope that helps! See ya

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