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How To Change H1 Tag for Homepage?

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Hi all - newbie here with a couple SEO questions.  I ran my site through a number of SEO analysis programs and they all are flagging my lack of H1 tags/headers as an issue.  At the moment I just have the image logo of my site tagged as H1.  


Now I've read over and over from various Shopify people that Shopify is very focused on SEO, which makes sense since they make money when their stores make money.  A couple Shopify people have also mentioned that google doesn't really look at H1 tags anymore.  It does seem strange to me though that all of the SEO analysis services still flag H1 though.


So what is the consensus these days?  Should I be worried about filling in the H1 tags?  Or can I ignore this?  It seems strange that if it was important, Shopify wouldn't make this a easy to use part of their GUI.  


On a second note, my keywords all seem to be menu headers and navigation terms, like "About Us" or "link" and other such non-informative terms.  How do I switch this up so I can add my own keywords and ignore the existing random ones.  Is this tied to H2 or H3 headers?


Thanks in advance!


FYI, store is  Still working on it so there are some definite missing pieces, but you'll get the gist....

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Hi MaximS, I'm having the same issue with missing H1 tags on my Shopify home page.  Did you every get an answer to this?