Re: How to Convert My Woocommerce Website to Shopify

How to Convert My Woocommerce Website to Shopify

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Mellmon  is an ecommerce platform deals in t-shirts & designer on Woocommerce . We have worked a lot on our website, designs, SEO. The website address is

The Problem i m facing is monthly hosting Cost me 400$ Per Month can you please A advice a best shopify plan for my website... 

Can I Import my website to shopify with all my product variable, images, everything is it Possible..


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Hi Mellmon,


To answer your question directly:

Yes, you can do a product export on WooCommerce and import on Shopify.

However, there is so much more to do than that... Analytics setup, design on Shopify etc.


Hosting costs alone are not a great reason to move hosting.

There are so many costs and risks in doing a platform migration that it would be better to find a cheaper hosting solution for WooCommerce in my view.


How many visitors/orders is your site getting per month?

Why is the hosting so expensive? I run a server with 50 WordPress sites (some woocommerce) and it costs me $40 per month. provides SEO for Shopify e-Commerce businesses.