How to correct variation prices when integrating Etsy products to Shopify?

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I want to integrate all my products on Etsy with their variations. But the prices of the variations are wrong.

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welcome to Shopify community.
use the etsy sales channel.
What issues are occur Due to integration. will you provide the ScreenShot of the issue.
So i can Guide you to fix it.
if you need more help then let me know.

Thank you.

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So you are facing problems with the variations you’ve provided to your listings. 

You may change the variations according to your preferred and updated prices.

The variation procedure is straightforward if you are doing it directly on your Etsy store. The second best option is to directly make all the changes on Etsy Marketplace Integration App and make it go live on all the different platforms cutting down the repetitive work.

As of now we have introduced you to this app, it is sure to know more about its advantages;


1)Yes variations can be edited later, and to tackle this problem more efficiently, listings with advanced profiling features will prove to be your first hand guide.


2) Real-time sync helps reduce the hassle of bulk uploading. In your case, you can easily edit your variations that will reflect on your store set up on all your multi-platforms.


3)Order management is a task for managing product shipping. With advanced order management, track your order simply and get notified whenever your product is shipped.


4)With order management, also comes Product management features . Do you want to delete a product that is out of stock? No problem, once deleted, it will automatically reflect to all the other platforms, making it less time-consuming.


5) The most significant feature that grabbed my attention is that it has a 7-day free trial


All these and many more such features are available, making the seller experience a cakewalk.

These are my suggestions as they will resolve your issue and provide you with add-on advantages.

I hope my answer helps you well.

Thank you!


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Hey @badspexq 


Importing customers is not a problem. So if you are unable to import the CSV files from Etsy then go for downloading CSV files from your Shopify store.

Using the Shopify CSV template you need not look further for the email id of customers. 


Just make sure that you are using the correct CSV template otherwise you’ll be unable to move further with importing.


In case you are troubleshooting more such doubts regarding managing your Shopify and Etsy store, or need any kind of assistance, the Etsy Marketplace Integration App is here to guide you.


With features like order management, templates, tax omissions, product management, product linking, and many more, this integration app will prove to be a helping hand in managing your multi-channel business efficiently.


An added bonus is the 24/7 customer support.


Hope this answer helps you well.

Thank you.

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Hey, @tdelayne.


I am glad to answer your question.


So I can understand why you are unable to upload products to Etsy. On Etsy uploading products in bulk is quite a task as you have to convert your listings into CSV files and then upload, which in bulk is not possible.

Here third party apps play a major role in getting your store started.


I have come across many apps, but the one I settled on was the Etsy Marketplace Integration App.

This app helps sellers to integrate their Shopify store to Etsy in just minutes.


Let us look at its benefits in brief so that you can optimize your store more efficiently :


1) Orders are updated with a click, which takes care of your main concern about order updates.

2) Effective synchronization of orders from your Shopify store to your Etsy store in real-time.

3) Changes in inventory or product? It's no problem either. With one click, you can delete them.

4) Selling globally is no longer a challenge! Multi-currency and multi-language support solves this problem as well.

5) Their 24/7 customer support is another major advantage.


There are many advantages to this application, so discover them all by getting on board.

Hope this answer suffices your query well.

Have a great time selling on Etsy.

Thank you.