How to create a mail automatisation where a email is send when someone buy certain product?

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Hi, I use shopify marketing automatisation and I would like to send an email every time a customer buy certain product. How can I do it? 


In addiction, I would like to know, because we have some products that are services, if we can automatise a message to be sent when the person finish the experience. Is that possible or not?

Thank you very much 

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It's very possible. All you need to do is install an email automation tool such as Klaviyo from the Shopify App Store and set up a trigger (in this case, a particular product is ordered) and the corresponding message to be sent in return.

Do you need help setting it up? I can do that for you.

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For your first question. This is a Special automation flow that will be set up and will be triggered only when a customer buys a particular product. But first of, Have you integrated Klaviyo on your Store?


The second is possible as well. Klaviyo is the best email automation tool for your needs.


Need help? I can assist you in the flow development and triggers.

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Hey Alba check out this video tutorial I made for you showing how you can send an email (using Shopify Marketing Automations) every time a customer buys a certain product:


You can create the above flow in Klaviyo, but since you're already using Shopify Marketing Automations, I figured it would be more helpful to show you how to set up the automatic email with the tool you're already using.


You can also see a step-by-step guide here:

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Hey @Alba_Aponte_Muñ 

A great Email automation tool you can try is AdScale.


Using AdScale, you can easily create segments of customers who purchased certain products.

You can then automate emails to be sent out for every new customer who purchases one of these products.

As for your second question, you can schedule the email to be sent out a certain amount of time after they purchase the product.

The app also helps you automate and optimize SMS campaigns, as well as Facebook and Google ads.

If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out.