How to Create Brand Identity (with Infographics)

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There is more to a business than just the product or services it sells.

For example, ask any iPhone user, and they will tell you that owning an iPhone isn’t just about benefiting from its functional features.

In fact, it is about being a part of the Apple community and the prestige that comes with it – or in other words the whole experience surrounding the product that makes people want to buy it. And that, in short, is what brand identity is.

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 It gives your company authenticity, makes people remember you better and drives their engagement.

It prompts 9 out of 10 buyers to prefer to purchase from you and turns them into life-long customers.

Alright then, but how exactly do you design a brand identity?

Let’s have a quick look in this step-by-step guide, as we go over four key points to consider.


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