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How to deal with fake social media traffic?

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Hi Everyone!
I am running a big ecommerce store in UK. But i have been observing that during the past few weeks a chunk of social media traffic has been attacking me website. When I thoroughly checked the Google Analytics, i came to understand that the bounce rate was too much higher like the average visitor remained just for 1-2 seconds. 
I am dealing in wholesale, so i am having not too much traffic on website. On an average i have 200 to 300 visitors per day, of which 3 to 4 used to convert. 
But the FB traffic is adversely effecting my website and i am losing my rankings on google due to this i think!
Plz help me or suggest me what to do in such an adverse condition.


Thank You

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Hi @Emmastone

 If you're finding a lot of invalid traffic on your website, it's crucial to do a little sleuthing and figure out how that traffic is actually coming in. Check the referral information and host name to find out if you have any unusual activity.

If all else fails, you can create a filter for geolocation (i.e., one that excludes India) or another metric like IP address or IDFA which could be really helpful for your site's traffic number crunching without affecting your true numbers too much. For example, if part of the spike in visitors is coming from people connecting via an iOS device like an iPhone or iPad, then specifically excluding Apple devices under Geolocation-filters would generate

Let me know if my answer is of any help with a thumb up or like 😄 

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Really appreciate your response!
Will try it and will get back to you soon

Thanks again

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Hi @Emmastone,

Running fb ads could be a good method to promote your products, brand widely, however, it also includes some risks. You can consider another methods for your marketing strategy. 

1. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing ( referral marketing or influencer marketing) is a marketing strategy where you, the merchant, encourage your backers, partners, and brand advocates to refer their network to your affiliate campaign in exchange for a reward when that referral leads to an actual order. Your affiliates could be anyone including your friends, relatives, professional affiliates or your own customers. There are numerous ways to promote your referral campaign,  this word-of-mouth marketing strategy could be an effective weapon to reach a broader range of customers through various connections.

Whether you are new to Shopify or expert in spreading your business to potential customers, Affiliate Marketing is a promising method that could help you earn more sales and increase revenue in the nick of time. UpPromote: Affiliate Marketing has been released to help you build your affiliate campaign with NO cost while gain more customers by offering a win-win relationship with your referral partners.

2. Why affiliate marketing? 

- Make extra income

The main advantage of affiliate marketing is that the income is entirely performance-based. This is because affiliates are only paid a commission when a purchase has taken place. That means if the affiliates have an ineffective campaign, it won’t affect your budget. 

The affiliates understand that driving huge traffic of potential customers will help to increase sales conversion. For this reason, the affiliates will spend much effort to build effective social platforms, promotion or boosting posts of your products in a better way to attract customers. The more efficiently they work, the more commission they generate, and the more sales you earn. 

- Expand your target audiences

The plus of affiliate marketing is to expand out into new markets that you haven't explored, giving your brand a much stronger online presence. By working with affiliates, you not only get your products reach to new audiences, but also create an awareness that could have the potential to extend beyond a single-product promotion

- Low investment but high cost effective

In fact, affiliate marketing does not need a huge amount to build a customer service team, or running advertising. This campaign helps to mitigate any risks that drive traffic or run social ads with little or no result for your Shopify business, while also ensuring that merchants achieve what they pay for.

In fact, whereas a poor marketing campaign that sends you low quality results will still need to be paid for, even if you make no sales. However, affiliate marketing ensures your marketing is cost effective and helps to reduce the risk of “leaking out” money for an uncertain market. 

- Promote business brand name

By partnering with trusted ambassadors, you can further your reputation significantly. In fact, in the research phase of an online purchase, customers will spend their priority for retailers they are familiar with. They have a certain level of trust in websites they frequently visit for finding product recommendations. As a result, when these reliable partners champion your products, that will further solidify consumer confidence in your Shopify business. 

A research reported that 92% of customers trust the recommendations of people, companies or influencers they know. For this reason, working directly with affiliate marketers who then promote your products to their established audience, brings more opportunities and more direct sales.


3. How affiliate marketing works?



- Affiliates who register will get their referral links of your store, their role is to recommend it to customers;

- Orders via referral link(s) would become referral order(s);

- After you get paid from referral orders, the order status will be automatically updated in Referral section for you to review and decide whether or not to pay the commission to affiliates.



With UpPromote: Affiliate marketing, you can track details of each referral order in Referral tab while observing overall performance on Dashboard in form of graph, chart and table.



The referral list will contain the essential information to help you view/check that order: Order ID (order number), total sales, affiliate name, commission, order details,...

Line graph with total clicks/orders/sales within the chosen period:



On this table, each affiliate will be listed with detailed information such as: number of clicks, number of referral ordersrevenue they bring and commission amount they get,...

You can use the sort function to arrange affiliates on the descending or ascending order on each column.

Product analytics



With payment process, you only pay for affiliates as long as they bring sales for you. All referral orders will be recorded as "Pending" before you approve it. Whenever you approve these referral orders, your affiliates will get commission. You can pay by any payment methods you are available. 

So it have no risks, and you don't need to pay lots of money for trying any marketing strategies with low results.

I hope my recommendation if helpful for you. Good luck!