How To Deliver Product Content Automatically To Shopify-Based Webshop

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Hi guys,

Maryna from Gepard here, a PIM solution that enables brands to freely exchange product marketing content and helps retailers to onboard and adapt their content in an effective and automated way. 

Lately, we have received lots of inquiries from our customers to help them synchronize Shopify-based webshop with their internal databases/ERP systems. Also, some of them asked us to integrate content providers they work with to their Shopify online store and automatically update product content if something was changed by the content provider.

To solve the sellers' difficulties with product feed management, Gepard PIM launched the Shopify connector. It empowers Shopify sellers to easily integrate product feeds from various content providers and deliver them directly to webshops. Shopify-based shop owners can improve operational efficiency by 75% and avoid errors that happen in 90% of cases during the manual content exchange. You can find more info here about the recently built Shopify Connector.

If you struggle with your product content management and need help with pushing product data automatically to Shopify do not hesitate to reach us out. We will be happy to reduce your time-to-market and save time on manual work.


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Hi, is this like a plug-in available?