How to display my online store and products on Google Shopping?

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I would like to know how do I get home my shopify store showing on Google and my products? I see there is a Google shopping that needs a person to confirm billing information? What is that about and how much does a store get billed monthly in South Africa?



Mi Willow estore 

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Thanks, for responding.

So, how do I get my shopify store to only show on Google...

Because when I search my store now on Google, I only get my Facebook Mi
Willow page showing on Google.

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Hello @KC38,


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To get your Shopify store and products showing on Google, you can use Google Shopping, which requires setting up a Google Merchant Center account and creating a product feed.

First, you need to sign up for a Google Merchant Center account by visiting here and creating an account using your Google account credentials. Once you have an account, you'll need to provide details about your store, such as the country where you operate, your website URL, and your store name.

Next, you'll need to configure your product feed. In your Shopify store, you can install a Google Shopping app or use Shopify's built-in Google Shopping channel. These tools help you generate a product feed that contains essential information about your products, including the title, description, price, and availability.

After generating your product feed, you'll need to upload it to your Google Merchant Center account. This step involves providing the URL of your feed or using an app/channel integration to automatically sync your product data.

To ensure that you have the necessary permissions to advertise products from your website, you'll need to verify and claim your website URL. Google offers different verification methods, such as adding an HTML tag or uploading a verification file to your website.

In order for your products to appear on Google, you'll also need to set up billing and shipping information in the Google Merchant Center. This includes specifying your preferred currency, setting up tax and shipping rules, and confirming your billing information.

For detailed steps, follow this Shopify blog

Regarding the billing costs in South Africa, the exact amount depends on various factors, such as the advertising budget you set, the competitiveness of your industry, and the performance of your campaigns. It's best to refer to Google's documentation or contact Google Ads support for the most up-to-date and accurate pricing information for your location.

Remember to regularly monitor and optimize your Google Shopping campaigns to achieve the best results and maximize the visibility of your products.

Hope this helps


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I am still having problems getting my store url and sitemap.xml eccepted /indexed by Google search console!


I received an error message that said,couldn't fetch... 


It has been a week now. It also can't be indexed it showed. 


Does my tax has to be on for all products or not.. Can that be the problem? Also do I have to set up the Google adds/campaign setting.. And confirm my billing if I only want my store to show in Google search..