How to do a indepth shopify SEO audit?

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Hey everyone, I hope you are doing well. Here I have mentioned some tips that you can implement to get an in-depth SEO audit for your store.

1. Research Your Shopify Store: Analyze your Shopify store's current SEO standings in comparison to your competitors.


2. Conduct an SEO Audit: Use SEO tools such as SEMrush, Ecommerce SEO Tools, and Ahref to conduct an in-depth SEO audit of your Shopify store.


3. Analyze Your Site Structure: Analyze your site structure, URL setup, and site hierarchy to determine if there are any issues that could be impacting your SEO performance.


4. Optimize Your Meta Tags and Titles: Check to make sure your meta tags, page titles, and other HTML elements are optimized for search.


5. Check for Broken Links: Check for broken links, redirects, and any other technical issues that could be impacting your Shopify store's SEO performance.


6. Analyze Your Content: Run a content audit to identify any duplicate content, thin content, or low-quality content that could be impacting your SEO visibility.


7. Optimize Your Images: Make sure that all of your images are optimized for SEO, including file size, file name, and ALT tags.


8. Monitor Your Performance: Track your SEO rankings and performance regularly to ensure that your store is performing at its best.


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The hard thing about SEO tools is that the best one for you is the one you'll actually use and get value from, which depends on your situation.


At the high end are Ahrefs and SEMrush. They are expensive but have a ton of features, though it can be overwhelming. If you have a dedicated SEO person, then maybe this is worth it.


However, if you're like most stores and are doing it yourself, then I'd recommend starting smaller. One of my favorite simple SEO tools is Siteguru. I like it because it's simple and actionable, but especially because they have a lifetime deal via Appsumo. I got a $40 lifetime license on Black Friday. They may still have a lifetime deal on Appsumo.


Using Siteguru my initial site rating was ~30/100, and over the next few months, I got it close to 100. They give you a simple to follow to-do list to fix site issues like missing tags, broken links, etc. that I chipped away at a little every week.


If Siteguru doesn't still have a lifetime deal on Appsumo I'd recommend looking for a similar lifetime deal so you're not spending too much.


Then, once you use the cheap, simple tool to the fullest extent and want more, then you can pay for one of the more expensive tools with a lot more capability like Ahrefs, SEMrush, etc.

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Hi @himanshu10 ,


Great question! Conducting an in-depth SEO audit for your Shopify store involves several crucial steps. First, ensure you're analyzing your current SEO standing and how it compares to competitors. Tools like SEMrush and Ahrefs are great for this, but they can be complex and costly for some users. It's vital to dive into your site structure, optimize meta tags and titles, check for broken links, and ensure your content and images are SEO-friendly.


In this context, SEOPro can significantly simplify the process. Our app helps in identifying and fixing SEO issues across your Shopify store, including optimizing meta tags, titles, and images. With SEOPro, you can also perform bulk optimizations, a feature that saves time while ensuring your store maintains a consistent SEO strategy. Plus, our SEO scoring system helps track your improvements over time.


Full disclosure: We are the developer of this app.

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