How to do SEO?

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Hello I need to add shopify for this happy new year 2020 site and also want to do SEO, can anyone help me?

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I can help you with SEO!


First, Get the answers to the following question. It will help you a lot to clear the concept and what we do in SEO.


  1. what is SEO?
  2. Purpose of Doing SEO?
  3. Types of SEO?
  4. What is On-page SEO?
  5. What is Off-page SEO?
  6. List of On-page activities
  7. List of Off-page activities

Hope this helps 🙂

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Hey there @anaszen777 ,


We are starting a series of blog posts on how to master SEO for Shopify. Our first guide is on one of the most important aspects of your SEO strategy - keyword research. The guide will walk you through:

- how to find keywords on Amazon

- how to find keywords on Google

- how to use Google's Keyword Planner

- What features Moz, SEMRush, and Ahrefs offer 

- How to refine your keyword list

Here is the guide: Keyword Research for Shopify 

Let me know if you need further SEO help!
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I wrote an article specifically for SEO on Shopify with apps, strategies that have worked for me and my clients, resources/guides, etc:


I can help you set up your Shopify store if you'd like too... and give some ideas on dropshipping products / integrations (assuming that's the route you're going).

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• I also make guides like Shopify Automation Tips and How to Deal with Fraud / Chargebacks
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Hey Joe,


Great article. Would you want to explore this SEO App too? Who knows, it could be part of the useful apps that have worked for you.


Thanks 🙂


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This is the best video summary I've seen, enjoy!

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SEO of page is very important here are the points which can help in page optimization

>First I would suggest some tools which help you in detecting dat related SEO optimization with the help of these tools you can do page optimization.


  1. SEO Meta in 1 Click
  2. Google Light Tool
  3. Page speed Insights

>You can proceed according to the above tool instruction related to the page and optimize accordingly.

Feel free to contact for more

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I can help. I run a Digital Marketing Agency and can help you with SEO

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1. Website analysis...check all these things like..

image optimiziation, keyword, title,description,  sitemap, robot,txt, analytics, webmaster, page speed

 if not optimized then  fix it

2. do competitor analysis

3. niche keyword research with long tail and short keyword ( High searches And low compeetition)

4. improve content quality of web pages

5. all url should user friendly


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Visit Website:


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Well, I'll give you a few tips to highlight how you can increase organic search traffic to your store....but just make sure you take advantage of Shopify's resources that they've put out as well since they made a specific Shopify SEO Checklist that you should go through.


When it comes to SEO, you're wanting to do your best to rank for the phrases that are most relevant to people who are actually interested in purchasing your products or products very close to yours.  To do this, Google wants you to create great original content that hits the nail on the head for what people are searching for.  Sounds tedious?   Well, it can be...but doesn't have to is a simple process you can put in place to help you do this naturally.


After you've gone through the Shopify checklist, you've set the foundation and then you'll want to implement a process in order to continue to enhance that ongoing.  In order to do that, implement the following on your site:


Engage Visitors Naturally


You should ensure you add a product question and answer app to your product page.  This will do a couple things for you:


  1. Your users engage your stores and turn from being visitors into engaged visitors....where they create original questions they ask about your product that will display on your product page...and enhance the SEO of your page.  You'll start to see you start seeing your product results when people are asking similar product questions on Google.
  2. The silver lining is you also increase conversions with this.  About 20% of the time, a failure for customers to purchase a product is rooted in the fact that there is unclear or unprovided product information.   So, you get to engage these customers and convert those customers.   Case studies provided by Answerbase (a product Q&A app) show that up to 75% of product questions answered convert to a new you grow content while also growing sales.  Doesn't that make creating original content much more appealing and give you an incentive to do it well?

So...once you get that engagement and activity flowing...several things come off the back of that that also are good for SEO.


Link Building


When you answer your questions about your products.....there are naturally opportunities built into that process where it makes sense to introduce customers to another product that can better service them...or they may want to consider in an upsell opportunity.  This is an easy way to manage natural and consistent link building to products within your site.  What Google does, is "crawl" your page and jump from link to link....and in that process it sees what text actually makes up the link.   For example, if Google sees a link that says "blue pants" and that whole text is the actual link....then Google marks up 1 vote for those keyterms.  Then, when people search for "blue pants" on takes into account how many votes each page has for those terms....and rates the sites accordingly.  Google has started taking MUCH more into account, but that is still one of the main ingredients to the Google search soup.


So...what you do here is when you answer questions and cross-link to related can put the product title and then link that actual title to the relevant product page.   That let's Google know that page is relevant for those terms...and helps you from an SEO standpoint.   The BEST option is to have reputable sites build links in their quality content to your products....but you don't have a ton of control over that and that's harder to setup a good process for that isn't breaking Google's take what's in front of you and do that best.


Optimizing Product Descriptions and Information


As you see what your customers are asking, you'll discover gaps in your product descriptions and room for improvement to provide unique and quality content throughout the page.  This could help revise your product descriptions, have you spawn a "specs" tab on your site, etc.   Bottom line is, you can take advantage of re-purposing the original Q&A content you're creating and enhancing your other product information...that Google then gobbles up and spits back out in search results.


Finally, Creating New Stand-Alone Content Posts


Finally, the engagement on your Q&A content will also lead you to knowing what you can/should write about....which will bring you more organic traffic to your site.  If you're Q&A solution is doing its job, it will automatically spawn new landing pages for popular Q&A threads....which leads to year over year organic traffic growth...spitting out results like this on Google when people are asking similar questions related to products.



Then, from get to see the activity that user generated content draws on its own...and it helps you identify whether anything is gaining enough traction to warrant the time/energy/money that it takes to create a unique and stand-alone post.   For example, Answerbase has a customer that one of their user generated questions received over 12K organic visits per month on its they decided to build that into a more long-formatted blog post.  Those content insights can also be used to identify whether you should create a video or other popular formats of content.



That process above gives you a consistent way of generating, optimizing, and enhancing your ecommerce site for SEO.   Hope it was helpful.




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I have some resources about ecommerce and Shopify SEO, feel free to check them out:

- How to optimize Shopify Blog for SEO:

- Shopify SEO guide for beginners:

- Ecommerce SEO - Step by step guide:

I'm Jason Dao, Manager of Research & Development Department at Avada Ecommerce.