how to encourage customers to share a content on social media and convert them to referral advocates

how to encourage customers to share a content on social media and convert them to referral advocates

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Hello Everyone, 

I’m trying to attract a new customers to my store by increasing the social presence on social media platforms (e.g. instagram, facebook, tiktok etc) by encouraging a customers, who purchase in the store, to share a content of the items they’d been purchased and tag or mention the profile store on their content. 

What is your experience with that? Customers really share a content and tag or mention the profile store on the content just by asking them to do that?


Additionally, I thought to incentivize that action by recruiting customers who shared a content like I mentioned above to become referral advocates and sending a coupon code to share it on the content. Has anyone had an experience with that? How do you do\did it? Which tools do you use? 

If someone here also desires to do that, I would really like to be in contact.

Look forward to hearing your responses, and I really appreciate any assistance.

Kind Regards,


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Hello there,

Social media is a very good source of clients, but only if you have a working plan.

As a certified social media marketer, I have taken extensive research and market analysis on how to actually get real customers from social media and now, I have a guaranteed method.
As you've guessed, some tools are needed (including a retention plan, a convertible revenue funnel and more), or else the whole operation will be ineffective.

Reply to this message for better discussion if you are interested. Looking forward to working this out with you.

Regards, Mabel.

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@bhagsu_cake  there are apps you can use that prompt the user to share after they purchase, and get a reward.


I've set this up in the past with Refersion. Loyalty Lion  is another that I've seen it done - customers get rewards for taking actions, like sharing on social media.


Another bonus with Refersion (or any affiliate app) is that you can create discount codes that work as affiliate links, so what you do is find influencers in your market and invite them to your affiliate program (for example pay them 10% commission on sales), and they use your code and post on social media, blogs, etc.


Here's a post with notes about that + link to affiliate apps:


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Thanks for your help.

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Hi Bhagsu_Cake,


Yes this is definitely possible. This is what we refer to as UGC User generated Content on Social Media.


Moreso, This can be Incentivize if there is a Win at the end of the Contest (It is a contest, right?).


This encourages old customers who have used your products to either create a video when using the products or talk about how they enjoyed using your products  and tag your brand to attract the interests of new prospects. This creates an increases Online authority.


Yes, you have to create a special hashtag for this.


Instagram is a great social media platform for harvesting the best UGC. Not only does Instagram provide high-quality photos and videos, but streamlined tagging, hashtags, and high user growth make Instagram the top social media platform for collecting customer content for most brands.


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Need further assistance? Reply to this message for better discussion if you are interested. Looking forward to working this out with you.


Warm Regards,


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hello, your request is to totally achievable, I can help you to make your store grow and well developed by helping you to promote your store through social media platforms 


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@bhagsu_cakeWe have recently launched an application: to make the customers advocates for the brands and promote the products they have already used with other potential customers. Its embeddable completely in existing store and have options to directly share the content over different social channels like facebook, whatsapp, twitter.
Besides this, application has option to incentivize customers referring and customers getting referred with lots of other features.
More detail can be found here:

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Creative and authentic content generated by the users influences customers more than any content created by the brands themselves.  

There are different ways to encourage customers to generate more UGC other than what is organically generated. 

For this, brands have to- 

Provide incentives 

Ask for reviews 

Start hashtag campaigns 

Create exciting challenges 

Publish blogs and social media posts 

Create communities and forums